556 and 5884! de arimasu
556(コゴロー) と5884(コバヤシ)!
556 (Kogorō): to 5884 (Kobayashi)! de arimasu
Season +
Air date February 21, 2009
Screenplay Kuniaki Kasahara +
Storyboard 京極尚彦 +
Direction 京極尚彦 +
Animation director Yumiko Ishii +
Animation supervisor Satoshi Koike +
Production assistance STMATS +
This episode: Episode 251
556 and 5884! de arimasu
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556 and 5884! de arimasu
[edit info]

556 and 5884! de arimasu (556(コゴロー)5884(コバヤシ)! であります 556 (Kogorō): to 5884 (Kobayashi)! de arimasu) is the 251st episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.

The title is parodied from the title of the second episode of the tokusatsu Ultra Q, "Goro and Goro" (五郎とゴロー Gorou to Gorō).

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