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Afro is what Keroro usually wears on his head when he is Burnt and several other frogs, too.

Keroro Platoon with afros on.

There Also shown the Keroro Platoon (But not Angol Mois and Shin Keroro) with there afros on them in Keroro movie 4.

Some humans wear afros as well.


This is a list of who uses the Afros:

Keroro- Black Afro (Can be Blonde at times)

Tamama-Red Afro

Giroro-Yellow Afro

Kururu-Purple Afro (Sometimes wears a orange Afro)

Dororo-Pink Afro (Dark Blue when first seen.)

Dark Keroro-Black Afro

Pururu-Violet Afro

Fuyuki-Possibly Dark Blue or Black Afro

Natsumi-Pink Afro

Doruru-Black Afro

Angol Mois-Blond Afro

Aki- Dark Blue Afro

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