Alisa: First Mama!? de arimasu
アリサ 初めてのママ!?
Arisa: Hajimete no Mama!? de arimasu
Season +
Air date September 5, 2009
Screenplay Kento Shimoyama +
Storyboard 佐藤まさふみ +
Direction 佐藤まさふみ +
Animation director Kazuyuki Igai +
Production assistance Studio Guts +
Related to manga?
Alisa: First Mama!? de arimasufalse
[edit info]

Alisa: First Mama!? de arimasu (アリサ 初めてのママ!? であります Arisa: Hajimete no Mama!? de arimasu) is the 279th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.


New CharactersEdit

  • Fat manga artist (debut)



Differences in DVD versionEdit


  • On DVD version, when the Keroro Platoon is ready to start their Santa Claus invasion, Keroro's moustache is missing.
  • After Keroro tells the members to start the invasion, Giroro was seen naked without his belt, and even he doesn't have his reindeer outfit on himself, expect the reindeer cap.

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