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Ph 16-3
First appearance Keroro Land Volume 30
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
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Ameme (アメメ) is a character in Keroro Land.


Ameme is a bright pink Keronian with bright red eyes. Her white face is seen through her eyes and around her mouth with a semi circle above her mouth, making it resembling the hood or a helmet. Her hat is hot pink with cloud-like frills at the end of her hat flaps, especially as her collar and her bangles around her ankles, bears resemblance to a cotton candy. She wears orange ribbons with lollipops for the ribbon's head part on her hat. Her symbol is a candy wrapper that is half orange on the left and half yellow on the right. She always holds a giant lollipop.  Her tail has a cut resembling a fish's tail.


Ameme's name comes from the word ame (雨) meaning candy.

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