Angol Fear
First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 18 Encounter 148
Voiced by Takako Honda (Japanese)

Brianne Siddall (English dub of Video Game)

Age 14,800
Gender Female
Species / Type Angolan
Date of birth Before Earth's Calenders, Core of the Macrocosm
Occupation Planet Destroyer
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Angol Fear (アンゴル・フィア Angoru Fia) is a bonus character in Soulcalibur IV designed by Mine Yoshizaki. She is the cousin of Angol Mois which is revealed in chapter 148 of the Keroro Gunso manga.


Height: 5'10" (177 cm)

Weight: 1.44 Tons (1306 kg) (Only on Earth due Angol Fear not being used to Earth's Gravity)

Blood Type: None

Weapon: Black Lucifer Spear

Personality Edit

Angol Fear, unlike her cousin Angol Mois, is shown to see humans as worthless and she appears to be much more cocky, and serious than Mois. She is also much more hostile then Mois, not fearing to beat her opponents to the ground. However, she respects Mois's Fathers orders, and only inspects Earth, instead of destroying it.


In the game Soulcalibur IV a character named Angol Fear appears, and is revealed to be Angol Mois's cousin. Fear plays a similar role to Mois as a judge over the earth and executor of its people. Fear uses a black version of Mois' Lucifer Spear and appears in Chapter 148 of the manga to confront Mois over her constant failure to destroy Earth.


  • Despite being a character connected to Keroro Gunso, Angol Fear makes her debut in Soul Calibur IV.
  • The man Angol Fear was talking about in the beginning of her story is most likely Nostradamus.
  • Angol Fear actually has 8 different versions of her Lucifer Spear.

See Also Edit



  1. Keroro Gunso Volume 18 Encounter 148

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