Items in Keroro Gunso

The Anti-Barrier (アンチ・バリア Anchi baria) is a form of Keronian technology that makes someone or something invisible to anyone far enough from the object.


The anti-barrier can hide objects as small as a single Keronian, or as large as a ship. To be able to initiate the barrier, the desired object must have a Keronian badge symbol on it i.e., the symbol on a typical Keronian's hat.


It has a limited battery life so it is important that it should be fully charged before use. People who are in a state of extreme interest can see users of the anti-barrier. Also other Keronians can usually see each other.

Extra FeatureEdit

The user of the anti-barrier can choose who can see the user when the it is activated. For example, when out in public, the Hinatas can see the Keronians, but the public cannot.

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