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Assassin Magic (暗殺兵術(アサシンマジック) Asashin Majikku, literally meaning "Assassination Soldier Technique")

List of TechniquesEdit

  • Assassin Magic: Kantei Ganriki (暗殺兵術(アサシンマジック)・鑑定眼力 Asashin Majikku Kantei Gantei Ganriki, literally meaning "Assassination Soldier Technique: Evaluation Insight"): This is called Assassin Magic: Ninja Appraisal Vision in the Funimation dub.
  • Assassin Magic: Dokushin Kizoku (暗殺兵術(アサシンマジック)・読心鬼属 Asashin Majikku Dokushin Kizoku, literally meaning "Assassination Soldier Technique: Mind-reading Demon")
  • Assassin Magic: Bee Connect (暗殺兵術(アサシンマジック・虫の知らせ(ビー・コネクト) Asashin Majikku Bii Konekuto, literally meaning "Assassination Soldier Technique: Foreboding")
  • Assassin Magic: Senshuraku (暗殺兵術(アサシンマジック)・戦終楽 Asashin Majikku Senshuuraku, literally meaning "Assassination Soldier Technique: Final Day")
  • Assassin Magic: Haha no Chikara (暗殺兵術(アサシンマジック)・母の力 Asashin Majikku Haha no Chikara, literally meaning "Assassination Soldier Technique: Mother's Power)
  • Assassin Magic: Death Renounce (暗殺兵術(アサシンマジック)・死神放棄(デス・リナウンス) Asashin Majikku Desu Rinaunsu, literally meaning "Assassination Soldier Technique: Grim Reaper Resignation")
  • Assassin Magic: Zanzo Ganriki (暗殺兵術(アサシンマジック)・残像眼力 Asashin Majikku Zanzou Ganriki, literally meaning "Assassination Soldier Technique: Afterimage Insight)
  • Assassin Magic: Chabudai Gaeshi (暗殺兵術(アサシンマジック)・ちゃぶ台返し Asashin Majikku Chabudai Gaeshi, literally meaning "Assassination Soldier Technique: Dining Table Return")
  • Assassin Magic: Sarushiki Mokusei Shot (アサシンマジック・猿式木製ショット Asashin Majikku Sarushiki Mokusei Shotto, literally meaning "Assassin Magic: Monkey-Style Wooden Shot")

Assassin Super MagicEdit

Assassin Super Magic (暗殺超魔術(アサシンスーパーマジック) Asashin Suupaa Majikku, literally meaning "Assassination Super Magic")

  • Assassin Super Magic: Kage Bunshin (暗殺超魔術(アサシンスーパーマジック) 陰分身 Asashin Suupaa Majikku Kage Bunshin, literally meaning "Assassination Super Magic: Shadow Clone")
  • Kage Ningyo (陰人形 Kage Ningyou, literally meaning "Shadow Puppet")
  • Kage no Ito (陰の糸 Kage no Ito, literally meaning "Shadow String")

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