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Ph 017
First appearance Keroro Land Volume 9
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
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Chanana (チャナナ) is a keronian from Keroro Land.


Chanana is based on a Chinese zombie, "Jiang Shi". She is the member of the Black Stars, a group for conquering Keron.but hanana showed a true friend to her and is on her side now.


She is a bright red keronian tadpole, who wears matching bright red sleeves with yellow rims. She has blue cheeks. Her eyes are colored orange with a bright red ring in the middle. She wears a chinese style hat that is orange, with a yellow rim, and a brown red top, with a white puff ball coming off the top, her hat flaps are red brown, and looks like hands, with a small cloth coming down the middle of her head her emblem is a circle that is yellow on one side with a black dot, and black on the other side with a yellow dot.


According to her original design, she seems to use hand-like hat flaps to grab opponents.


Her creator's name is Owaru-San from the Art submission.


Her name comes from 'chaina' which is a literal spelling in katakana for 'China'



  • She shares similar traits to Hsein-Ko from Darkstalkers because both are based on Jiang shi and both have long wavy arms.

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