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Chibi Giroro
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 13–A
Voiced by Akiko Hiramatsu (Japanese)
Aliases Giro
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Student
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Chibi Giroro (ちび ギロロ) is Giroro when he was a child. When he was younger he lived with his father and his brother Garuru.


Giroro has the basic look of most tadpoles and is red in color. He wears a maroon hat with his skull symbol on it. This symbol on his hat and belly are yellow.



Keroro is one of Giroro's friends. Keroro and Giroro are really close friends, despite quarreling more often than agreeing. Giroro usually deals with Keroro messing up his stuff, and usually scolds him when he is being selfish. This relationship continues on when they are older.


Zeroro is one of Giroro's friends. Giroro usually protects Zeroro from danger, and actually seems to treat Zeroro like a real friend. Despite this, Giroro doesn't try often to prevent Keroro from bullying Zeroro.


Pururu is one of Giroro's friends, Giroro had a slight crush on her, but has since grown out it. He also seems to save Pururu a lot too. Pururu herself seems to appreciate Giroro's help.


Joriri is one of Giroro's friends. He appears to look up to him, and when Giroro is older he laughs back at his memory of Joriri.


Giroro considers Kikaka a good friend. He and Keroro thought Kikaka was cool, and Giroro was the one to dress up like Kikaka.

Garuru as desvribed by Chbi Giroro

Garuru in Giroro's Point Of View


Giroro refers to Garuru as "Nii-Chan. Giroro looks up to Garuru, despite being slightly frightened by him. Garuru himself cares deeply about Giroro, protecting him from Zurara.

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