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Chibi Giroro
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
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Chibi Giroro was when Giroro was a child. Giroro friends are: Keroro, Zeroro (Dororo) and Pururu. Giroro was the brave one and save a lot of his friends lifes. His brother is Garuru.  but he be good at being the group ring leader. Giroro hates it when Keroro use the Kero ball becuase Giroro knew that Keroro was going play with it and Garuru said to Giroro not to play with it or you be killed (He was not going kill him).


Giroro has a red hat with this skull symbol on it. This symbol is on this hat and belly. Also Giroro has a tadpole tail. Giroro's color is red.



Keroro is one of Giroro's friends. Giroro does not show all this stuff from Garuru to Keoro because Giroro thinks he going mess it up. Giroro saved Keroro's life a lot.


Zeroro is one of Giroro's friends. Giroro saved Zeroro's life more than any of this friends. Zeroro is a friendly guy to Giroro. Giroro and Zeroro are good friends.


Pururu is one of Giroro's friends.


Joriri is one of Giroro's friends.

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