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Dasonu Marie
First appearance Keroro Gunsou anime Episode 114-B
Gender Female
Species / Type (Human-like Alien)
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Dasonu Marie, (also known as Dance Marie), is a character in Keroro Gunso.


Dasonu Marie is the younger sister of Dasonu Maso. She wants to become a better comedian like her brother with the help of the Keroro Platoon.


She has long blonde hair with a white band around her head. She has an afro when Dasonu Maso touches her. She wears pink shorts with a white belt that has a big orange heart-shaped belt buckle with a yellow star in it, a white shirt that says "I ♥", pink gloves, and elevator boots (both with white frills hanging off). She wears a peculiar red eye wear with a pink border along with pink, heart-shaped earrings.
True mari

Mari's true hair


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