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First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 7 Encounter 55: Enter the Dragonlike Transfer Student!
Keroro Gunso Episode 13–A
Keroro File 005
Voiced by Takeshi Kusao (Japanese)
J. Michael Tatum (Funimation)
Wordplay name D66/Z66
Age 25-45 (Estimation, Human age)

10500 (Actual age)

Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Keron Army soldier
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Dororo (ドロロ), formerly known as Zeroro (ゼロロ), is a main character in the anime and manga series Keroro Gunso. He is the lance corporal (兵長 heichou)[RANKS] of the Keroro Platoon.


Dororo is a lance corporal of the Keroro Platoon. After getting caught in a bear trap on Pekopon, he was rescued by Koyuki Azumaya (with the help of Zeroyasha in the anime). Wishing to follow the way of the ninja, Zeroro changed his name to Dororo, after the forest where he was found. He spends most of his time training, meditating, reading, doing nature-related works, or spying on the actions of his Platoon (usually through the ceiling) and others (usually by hanging upside down from tree limbs). Dororo is often forgotten by the rest of Keroro Platoon, causing his trauma switch to turn on which is actually his biggest fear (see Episode 123), which usually leads to him sitting in a corner to cry, quietly reeling off many bad experiences (that Keroro did) to himself. The few people that don't forget him as much are Pururu, his family, and Koyuki. Dororo will not participate in plans that are potentially harmful to people's feelings or nature. He desires to bring peace to Pekopon. He sold his brother to space pirates because he thought his brother broke his music box (which was actually Keroro's fault).

Even for all he has gone through, Dororo is a very kind, generous, and respectful person.


Dororo symbol

Shuriken, Dororo's symbol

Dororo is a light baby blue Keronian. Throughout his childhood, he wore a medical mask. The ears of his white hat are shrouds. His symbol is a red, four pronged shuriken. When he was an assassin, he wore a gas mask. As a ninja, Dororo dons a ninja mask and sheath for his Katana strapped to his back. Dororo's afro is light pink.

Dragon DororoEdit


Dragon Dororo

During the fourth movie, Shion captured Dororo and turned him into a dragon. He appeared as a blue dragon with jagged scars on his wings a larger, warped shuriken symbol on his chest, and keeps his ninja mask over his mouth. He still retains his katana, which he uses to fire slashes of energy, cut through tough material, and shield others from harm.


For more information see Chibi Dororo/Zeroro

As a child, Zeroro's hobby was gardening, which he carried into adulthood. Currently, he trains his physical swiftness and mental swiftness through meditation.

Young Zeroro still carried his kindness. However, being an assassin, Zeroro had less difficulty with stealth. His near death experiences in his childhood left him traumatized and brought him to care for Pekopon. Frequently being unnoticed, Dororo has developed sensitive touches. Young Zeroro was not fully a ninja until he grew older.

Dororo was a member of a large, wealthy family. He was part of Keroro and Giroro's friendship (that Pururu later joined). There, he was often exploited by the group, mainly Keroro. Throughout their friendship, Keroro has permanently traumatized him and broke Zeroro's beloved music box. (which led to Zeroro getting mad and even beating up his little brother, thinking it was him who broke it, or in the Funimation dub, selling him to space pirates.)


Zeroro graduated from the Keron Military Academy under the rank of Lance Corporal. He was assigned as the assassin of the Keroro Platoon alongside Keroro, Giroro, Tamama and Kururu. They were given the mission to conquer Pekopon. Although, in the manga, he used to be a private second class.

Caught in a bear trap on Pekopon, Zeroro expected his inevitable, lonely death until he was saved and adopted by the kunoichi Koyuki Azumaya who trained him the way of the ninja. In the anime, Zeroyasha, Koyuki's friend dog, found him in the trap. Zeroro renames himself Dororo after the forest he was rescued in, and rejoins the Keroro Platoon. His respect for Koyuki saving his life changed his mindset about invading and instead made him feel as if Pekopon should be respected as any other planet.


  • Keroro, Giroro and Pururu - As a child, Zeroro, Keroro, and Giroro were friends. Their friendship brought them to be blood brothers (as stated by Keroro). Out of the two, Giroro was the nicest to him. Keroro always took advantage of Zeroro, even as adults. When he was younger, Zeroro admired Keroro when he was hardworking (acording to the manga) but is disapointed at how lazy he is now. As adults, they keep their friendship in regard, but gets upset when the platoon forgets about him.
    Dororo looking Cute

    Dororo giggling after removing his mask and showing the platoon what he looks like.

  • Koyuki - When Zeroro arrived on Pekopon, he got caught in a bear trap, and was awaiting his lonely death. He was saved by Koyuki (as well as Zeroyasha in the anime) and was taught Ninja arts by her. The two bonded during these teachings and Koyuki became Zeroro's partner. They stuck together during banishment (Zeroro at the time had changed his name to Dororo), and currently live together in a small house in the woods near the Nishizawa Tower (By the Hinata residence in the manga).


Dororo often ends his sentences with "de gozaru", an archaic form of 'desu'. Dororo's self referring nickname, sessha, is an archaic male form of "I", primarily used by samurai.

In general, Dororo uses 'humble' Japanese speech. Generally, one would only use this humble form when addressing superiors. Dororo takes this to the extreme and uses humble forms of speech in almost every sentence, regardless of who he is talking to.

Dororo also parodies phrases commonly spoken by other characters voiced by his voice actor Takeshi Kusao.

Calling DororoEdit

Name What they call Dororo What Dororo calls them
Keroro Dororo -heichou, Dororo-kun, Dorodango-kun, Doronuma-kun, Torankusu (Trunks)-kun, Dororo-Sama, Dororo ninja-kun,Dorobune-kun, Zeroro (-kun) (Keroro's trauma mode), Dorodie, Doropie, Dorotanno ninja What's-his-face (English dub)Captain-dono (隊長殿 Taichou-dono), Keroro-kun
Giroro Dororo Giroro-dono, Giroro-kun
Tamama Dororo-senpai, -heichou Tamama-dono, Tamama-kun
Kururu Dororo-senpai, -heichou Kururu (-dono)
Fuyuki Dororo Fuyuki-dono, -shi ()
Natsumi Dororo Natsumi-dono
Aki Doro-chan Mama-dono
Koyuki Dororo, D (Funimation Dub) Koyuki-dono
Momoka Dororo-san, Tama-chan's friend (タマちゃんのお友達) Momoka-dono
Paul Dororo-dono Paul-dono
Mois Dororo-san Mois-dono
Garuru Zeroro-heichou, Dororo-heichou Garuru-dono
Zoruru Zeroro, Dororo Zoruru, Dasasa-kun
Pururu Zeroro-kun, Dororo-kun Pururu-dono, -chan
Keroro's motherZeroro-KunKeroro's Mom

NOTE: Dororo tends to follow how Keroro calls the others.


Demonic ArtEdit

Introduced in the 5th movie, Demonic Art encases Dororo in armor and equips him with a long sword as opposed to his traditional short sword. In this form, Dororo can create multiple dopplegangers.

Mail CallEdit

Whenever Dororo needs to communicate with the rest of the platoon, he uses a shuriken made of paper that always seems to embed itself into Keroro's head. Dororo usually does not need to be nearby to perform this.

Dororo Ninja ArtEdit

Dororo's trademark ability. He can manipulate his energy to his advantage.

Assassin MagicEdit

Zeroro's assassin abilities. He can form battle strategies with the Eyes Of Truth.


  • Dororo holds other abilities beyond Dororo Ninja Art and Assassin Magic. His shinobi form contains a technique named Dohotaru: Soraruta, in which he is as the user of the Keroro Shōtai Dokushitei Chō Hisotsudan, in which an energy ball is passed on by the group until it is launched by Dororo.
  • Dohotaru: Soraruta
  • Keroro Platoon Deathblow
  • Ninja Art: Nine-Star Shuriken


  • Zeroro seems to be super strong. In episode 119, he is able to lift a sack filled with household items including a bookshelf, a television, and a refrigerator with almost no trouble.
  • His English voice actor is J Michael Tatum, who played Sir Hammerlock from Borderlands 2.
  • He became an assassin because Keroro said, "You are going to be an assassin for sure!".
  • His human form's name is Makoto.
  • It stated when Dororo was younger, he was frail sickly child, thus masked at birth.
  • He took off his mask in episode 318a, but no one saw what was under it.
  • In Episode 312, we get to see an alternate version of Dororo who calls himself Zeroro, and claims that his only mission is to invade Pekopon. This is likely a material version of Dororo's mindset before being saved by Koyuki.
  • Even though Keroro caused him so much trauma, Dororo protects him from danger, and often gets flustered when noticed.
  • It is heavily implied that Dororo has clinical depression and a form of PTSD, or "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder", thus creating his trauma switch. He also may have a form of DPD, "Dependent Personality Disorder", due to how much he relies on Keroro even after being treated very poorly by him.
  • Most Vipers seem to have a grudge against Dororo because of the fight that happened in Episode 13.


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