Keroro 14
The Keron Starts A.K.A Two Keron Stars is the fourteenth episode of the new 2014 edition of Keroro Gunso, labelled Keroro.




  • Shivava originally appeared in Black★Star's introduction.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Black★Star in the Keroro Flash Series.
  • This episode is not based on the chapters, it's an exclusive anime chapter.
  • This episode mark the first time we seen Shin Keroro's DRR-Style, TMM-Style AND GRR-Style in this series.
  • Dororo is absent in this episode, but the fake version of him appears.
  • The real Keroro didn't appear in this episode for 2 minutes before he appear at the end making him minor role.
  • Tomosu has one spoken line in this episode, making him playing a cameo.


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