Keroro 18
Alien Trap A.K.A Invitation from Alien is the eighteenth episode of the new 2014 edition of Keroro Gunso, labelled Keroro.




  • In manga Keroro sent the invitations to Fuyuki, Natsumi, Mutsumi, Momoka, Koyuki and Alisa to come to the Forest Zone, but in Keroro Black★Star is the only one who sent the invitations to them to come to his trap.
  • In manga Mutsumi was racing with Kururu's invention called Mecha Tortoise to the finish line to get out of the Forest Zone, while in Keroro Mutsumi drew the Mecha Tortoise to lure Black★Star who originally was his plan to send it to fall asleep Koyuki and Mutsumi into his trap but failed and Black★Star freed them and send them to the normal world before Alisa was about to eat him.
  • Shin Keroro doesn't appear in the original since he was not presented yet.
  • Mois appears in the original, but not in Keroro (See goof below.).


  • Keroro plays a cameo in this episode, making him not playing the main role.
  • Shin Keroro made a cameo appearance at the end of the episode.
  • This episode is based on the chapter 180.
  • This episode has some references to Playboy including the logo at the postcard and bunny people.


  • In the ending credits, Mois is listed in the credits, but she doesn't appear in this episode. This could have been done by mistake.

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