Keroro 7
Outer Space Skipping Rope A.K.A. Jump Rope of the Universe is the seventh episode of the new 2014 edition of Keroro Gunso, labelled Keroro.



The episode begins with Fuyuki feeling very sad, due to the fact he can't jump rope. Natsumi is seen jump roping trying to cheer him up and failing. However a voice is heard making both Natsumi and Fuyuki turn. It turns out to be Koyuki and Dororo. Koyuki is shown wondering what Natsumi was doing, as Natsumi offers her a jump rope. Koyuki and Natsumi are about to jump rope together, when Koyuki jumps way to high off the ground and does some ninja techniques. When she lands, Dororo congratulates her. Soon Natsumi teaches Koyuki the right way and they are both seen jump roping, as Fuyuki is still depressed about not being able to jump rope. Tamama and Giroro walk in and say they can help. Tamama says that he is gonna show Fuyuki how do a Keronian jump rope specialty, but on accident Tamama hits Giroro's knees with the jump rope. Giroro is shown clutching his knees, as Tamama apologizes.

Keroro than comes in and says that he can show Fuyuki the right way to jump rope, he than challenges Natsumi to a jump roping challenge, which she accepts. Keroro soon starts jump roping really fast amazing Tamama, Koyuki and Fuyuki. Natsumi however hears buttons being pushed, and she walks towards it seeing Kururu messing with a machine. Keroro is than shown jump-roping so fast he is in the sky. Everyone watches amazed, as Natsumi comes in holding Kururu. Dororo than offers Fuyuki the jump rope, to which Fuyuki accepts. Fuyuki is determined to jump rope properly, and he does. Fuyuki is shown to be very happy, as Koyuki, Dororo, and Natsumi are shown to be proud of him. Meanwhile, Keroro is still jump roping as he is now in space.


  • Kururu made a brief cameo appearance in this episode.
  • When Koyuki and Dororo first speak, Natsumi appears to realize Koyuki. This means that the plot of episode 13 followed the beginning of Koyuki's introduction.


  • When Tamama hit Giroro's knees by mistake, Giroro's white mark near his mouth is completely colored the same way as his skin.
  • The seven on Natsumi's shirt disappears multiple times during the episode.
  • Giroro's belt is cut half way down when he walks in with Tamama.
  • Giroro's stomach is colored the same as his skin when he and Tamama are about to jump rope, and when he is laying down in pain.
  • Kururu's stomach is colored the same as his skin when he first is discovered by Natsumi.
  • When Giroro was laying down in pain, his belt disappeared.

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