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Ph 01d
First appearance Keroro Land Volume 39
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
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Erere (エレレ) is a character in Keroro Land.


Erere wears a black suit that covers all over his body, and only the bottom of his face is exposed. His suit is covered with a pale green neon design with matching pale green headphones that bear a white ring with a star in the middle. It also features a green orb floating on the tip of the suit with a green halo around his head.


  • His creator's name is "ポポ" (Popo) from the art submission. She is well known on Deviantart as Enerunaru.
  • Unlike Keroro Land's artwork, Enerunaru's shows Erere as an adult, while the Keroro Land's version is a tadpole version. Erere is also revealed to have gray skin in one of Popo's works as an adult version and round pupil-less eyes.
  • His design slightly resembles those from the movie Tron, which features characters wearing black suits with glowing neon designs on them.
  • His helmet design bears a resemblance to two Megaman characters, Megaman.EXE and StarForce Megaman. Both involve a cyber-computer-world theme.

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