Esusu and Enunu
Ph 04
Esusu (above) and Enunu (below).
First appearance Keroro Land Volume 32
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
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Esusu and Enunu (エヌヌ&エスス) are characters in Keroro Land.


Esusu and Enunu are twin gray colored Keronians. Esusu has sharp gray eyes, pointy white tadpole markings and an upturned mouth. She has a dark gray stomach and a dark gray flat tadpole tail. She has a gray magnetic hat that attaches with her sisters. Her sign is a white S.

Enunu has large red eyes, roundish tadpole marks and a frown. She has a red stomach and a red flat tadpole tail. She has a red magnetic hat that attaches to her sisters. Her sign is a white N.


Esusu and Enunu's names have the same vowel letters, except the consonant letters, as the magnet's north and south parts. Esusu is for south while Enunu is for north.


  • They are the only Keronians who have no accessories on their cheeks, the other being Monono.

Gallery Edit

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