Giroro: The Man with Seven Faces de arimasuEdit

In the second season (episode 89), Kururu made a microwave oven called "Lacking Nothing" that allows anyone to amplify & use their inert powers. Keroro confidently volunteered to try out Kururu's new invention. Keroro was given an Energy Bullet once he stepped inside the oven (when he was inside the microwave oven, the so-called Energy Bullet wasn't exactly an Energy Bullet but an ordinary sweet potato dango). When Keroro stepped out of the oven looking burned, Tamama & Kururu realized that the Energy Bullet was switched. It turns out that Giroro was the one who is possessing the real Energy Bullet. While Giroro was cooking a "sweep potato dango," the Energy Bullet suddenly flashed out 7 different lights & returned back to Giroro all at once. After that, a huge light appeared around Giroro & when Natsumi saw him, she was surprised to see 7, differently looking Giroros (including Giroro himself). The Energy Bullet materialized Giroro's personalities named:

Giroppe - the american soldier Giroro

Girorin - the coward Giroro

Girocchi - the housewife Giroro

Giro-sama - the one who has a splendid laugh

Girokko - the master postcard writer

Giropon - who lives for love

Although Keroro was pleased with this result, Giroro ordered him to turn him back immediately. Kururu said that it would be very easy since all 7 personalities were together. But Giroppe refused because he wanted to invade Pekopon himself. He immediately had a fight with Natsumi. Giroppe dodged Natsumi's attack & jumped behind her while his gun was pointer at her back, making Natsumi a hostage. Keroro invited Giroppe with a handshake to invade Pekopon together but Giroppe rejected his invitation by slapping away Keroro's hand. Giroppe almost killed Natsumi to awaken Giroro's fighting spirit since Giroro wanted to stop him. As the fight goes on, it seems that Giroro was having a hard time figuring out Giroppe's weakness. He almost lose to him if it weren't for Girorin's interference. As Girorin charges towards Giroppe, Giroppe simply smacked him away. At this point, Giroro thought that Giroppe's weakness would be revealed if he could lure out Giroppe's capability of being a joke character (since he knew that all of his other personalities had it as well) but he can't admit that that is true. As the fight continued outside the Hinata residence, the two came to a point where the first one to make a move shall lose (since they were both pointing their guns at each other). Out of the dark road, 556 (Kogoro) run downed both Giroro & Giroppe with his motorcycle. Giroro was able to lure out Giroppe's joke character capability at this point & at the same time, the 7 Giroros finally returned to one.

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