Ph 013
First appearance Keroro Land Volume 8

Keroro Gunso Episode 159

Voiced by Hiromi Hirata (Japanese)
Gender Unspecified
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Shurara Corps Spy
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Gyororo (ギョロロ) is a member of the Shurara Corps, appearing in Keroro Gunso, Keroro Land, and Anokoro Keroro Gunso. He is the spy (偵 onmitsu) of the Shurara Corps.


Gyororo's mission is to spy on the Keroro Platoon, and report his findings to Shurara. Nuii is his assigned partner to infiltrate the base with him. Gyororo was the first Shurara Corps character to appear, in episode 159. At the beginning, his tail is visible. He is fully revealed in episode 188 and turned out to be manipulating Nuii to turn the Keroro Platoon into stuffed toys. He ends his sentences with de ansu, a more modern way of saying the archaic phrase de gozaru.


Nuii, once his comrade, infiltrated the house under the identity of Natsumi's old doll, Ku-chan. Gyororo ordered Nuii to turn the Keroro Platoon and Fuyuki into dolls. However, when ordered to attack Natsumi, Nuii disobeyed, and restrained Gyororo long enough for Keroro to trap him inside a bubble. However, as she did so, Gyororo flew into an outrage and ripped out her stitching with the sheer power of his eyes. He also called her nothing but a toy doll. Once fully captured, he became a prisoner of war of the Keroro Platoon.


Nuii - Nuii is Gyororo's partner, although later, Nuii betrayed him. In the English Dub, he described Nuii as a "traitor".


Gyororo is a purple and green tadpole Keronian with seven eyes covering his body, helmet, and the tip of his long prehensile tail. He has a crazed smile full of sharp teeth, and red pupils. Unlike the majority of other tadpoles, the markings on his face and stomach are light purple instead of white.


Gyororo can camouflage, making him a perfect spy (although, one eye is often noticeable through surfaces such as walls and floors). He can channel energy using his eyes and shoot pellets them.


  • His Creator's name is "XXX" (XXXX) from the Art submission.
  • XXX pairs Gyororo with Nuii.
  • Gyororo is never canonically referred to as a male, nor are there any instances of he/him pronouns being used for them. Their gender is unconfirmed until their creator (XXX) speaks on this.
  • Gyororo and Nuii are the only two of the Shurara corps to be addressed with ranks (Spy and Seamstress, respectively.)

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