Ph 02-8
First appearance Keroro Land Summer Edition
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Member of T.A.S.T
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Hanana (ハナナ) is a plant-based Keronian.

In Anokoro Keroro Gunso, she is a member of T.A.S.T.


Personality Edit

Hanana is a hyper playful and kind-hearted Keronian, but can also can get easily mad if one of her friends are in trouble. Being a plant-based Keronian, she loves flowers very much and she collects them. She seems to be infatuated with Giruru, but in the fandom she is paired up with Yukiki instead.

Appearance Edit

Hanana is a flower based Keronian. She has dark pink skin, pink eyes that turn fiery red when she is mad, and typical tadpole markings save for a point above her mouth. Her tadpole tail is a leaf. She wears a sky blue hat with a large blue and orange flower adorned on top and yellow clips holding the flaps. Her marking is a five petal flower that is yellow on her hat and orange on her stomach.

Relationships Edit

  • She loves Giruru. She often consults her powerful beloved for protection though this is often a burden for Giruru whom Hanana annoys and as a result, fails to return her feelings.
  • Chanana loves Hanana as much as Hanana loves her. The two are best friends, and they fight Vipers together.

Abilities Edit

She can use the flower on her hat as a helicopter to fly. She also uses green flower shaped shurikens as weapons to take down her enimes when angry.

Etymology Edit

Hanana's name comes from the word Hana (花) which mean Flower in English.


  • In the fandom, the reason for Hanana being paired with Yukiki is due to them being based on seasons; Hanana is based on spring while Yukiki is based on winter. 


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