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First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 21
Voiced by Ayaka Hirahara (Japanese)
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Singer
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Hirara (ヒララ Hirara) is a character in Keroro Gunso from Volume 21 of the manga. She is the Self insert of Ayaka Hirahara.


Hirara is one of few keronians not in the Keron Army, but a traveling singer instead much like to Sumomo. She is shown to be calm and kind in the manga.



Hirara is a lavender purple keronian with pale, lavender tadpole markings with light pink eyes and brown hair hanging from her light-cobalt gray flapless hat. She wears a black neck strap dress with light gray stockings, light-cobalt gray wrist bands with brown ribbons and a anklet of the same colors. No emblem on her belly can be seen (though picture suggests star points from her white belly markings) though there is a blue stylized clef note marking on her hat.


Hirara is shown to be able to survive in space without a barrier or ship, much like Shivava has been shown to be able to do in the manga.

Her music that emits from her mega phones has the ability to put a target into a very calm state or induce happy feelings.


Hirara's Mega phones.


  • Garuru is a big fan of her's.
  • On page 73 her dress opening was miscolored.
  • She could very well be the first 'Kerosona' (Keronian based off real person) to appear in the main manga.
  • The western internet fandom was fast to label the sexist term 'Mary sue' onto her by mistaking her music as forcing the characters to fall in love with her.
  • Her Manga design look differs with the add of dark lipstick added to her face, a simpler dress that possibly has the belly cut out to show her belly in the shape of four "4" that is stylized to look like a pointed star. A ribbon around her neck, no ribbons on her wrist bands, and her stockings cover her tadpole tale bump. Her emblem is also changed to look like a stylized four "4" to look like a star. Her hat also has no horns, but instead short 'pudgy' hat flaps.
  • She is the second self insert Keronian based on the real singer, the first is Toutou, which are also singers.

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