Inner Tokyo
Inner Tokyo at night
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 1–A
Keroro File 1
Aliases Tokyo
Occupation Housing Residents of Japan/ Tour Site for Aliens
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Inner Tokyo City (奥東京市 Oku Tōkyō Shi) is the city where most of the events of the Keroro Gunso anime take place.

Inner Tokyo initially stands out from its manga counterpart, Musashi City (武蔵市 Musashi-Shi) because it not only includes locations and structures based on elements from the Musashino and Nishitokyo cities, but from all around Tokyo. Counterparts of various companies with distorted names, like Sunirase, Kadoyama Shoten all exist there, alongside copies of famous structures from all around Tokyo, like the Inner Tokyo Dome.

Eventually, the fictional city also becomes a big destination for aliens thanks to the hidden Alien Street Side 6, which grows into a city-like structure throughout the anime.

Mayor Edit

Heroshi Yamaguchi 179a 04

Heroshi Yamaguchi's campaign poster.

Although Inner Tokyo's mayor is mostly ignored throughout the series, in episode 179-A, Heroshi Yamaguchi is elected as Inner Tokyo's new mayor. He plays no named roles in the series afterwards, although he uses a generic design often reused in minor roles throughout the anime.

Locations Edit

Inner tokyo train station

Inner Tokyo Train Station Edit

A train station near the Hinata Household. It is a popular system of traveling. According to Keroro, ten thousand aliens come to visit each day.[1]

Inner Tokyo ParkEdit

A small park located near the Hinata's Home. Children play here often and when a character is sad they can usually sit here and think (this ends up being Keroro most of the time).

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References Edit

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