Inner Tokyo
Inner Tokyo at night
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 1–A
Keroro File 1
Aliases Tokyo
Occupation Housing Residents of Japan/ Tour Site for Aliens
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Inner Tokyo (おく東京 Oku Tōkyō) is the main location for the Keroro Gunso franchise. The city is a main destination for aliens to visit. It is located between Kanda and Yūrakuchō.

Locations Edit

Inner tokyo train station

Inner Tokyo Train Station Edit

A train station near the Hinata Household. It is a popular system of traveling. According to Keroro, ten thousand aliens come to visit each day.[1]

Inner Tokyo ParkEdit

A small park located near the Hinata's Home. Children play here often and when a character is sad they can usually sit here and think (this ends up being Keroro most of the time).

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. Keroro Gunso Episode 205

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