Kawaru Alien

Kawaru Alien is a race from Planet Kawaru.


One of it got lost after it landed on Pekopon in Episode 123 as it wanders around in the forest near Akina Hinata's house. It tries to scare Keroro and co. by showing their biggest fear, it also revealed that Giroro is afraid of the sea cucumbers. So Keroro managed to capture it but it had stopped by Akina telling that it was just lost, so she carried it to where the spaceship awaits as it transformed into Senshu Hinata for thanking her for helping it.


Kawaru Alien appears to lack eyes, due to the mushroom-like head its covering. It has long lizard-like body with an antennae on its head.


Despite its harmless, its abilities were very dangerous, this is why its original form is extremly rare to be discovered. It can transform into a person's biggest fear.

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