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The Keroro Platoon using resonance in Manga
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Resonance (共鳴 Kyoumei) is the sound that Keronians make, often in groups or pairs. The sound of the Keronian resonance is very unique and yet very strange to some Pekoponians. Some Pekoponians were seen doing the resonance as well (Fuyuki does FuyuFuyu and Natsumi does NatsuNatsu and so on). Resonance has a maximum amplitude frequencies that only Keronians and few Pekoponians make. When a Keronian does a resonance they inhale deeply and create a high pitched sound with noticeable symbols almost similar to Keronian was named after (cannot be seen to Pekoponians) coming out. It is possible that the Keronian resonance can last for about 10 minutes.

Only Pururu and Keroro have been seen using it alone, moreover she revealed that resonance has the ability to fix broken things, as she did restoring Keroro's bedroom.

One time, the Keroro Platoon practiced because only platoons whom have successfully invaded could enter the contest.




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