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For the series, see Keroro Gunso. For other uses, see all pages starting with Keroro. For Keroro's human form, see Akira




Sergeant Keroro
First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 1 Encounter 1: Enter the Sergeant!
Keroro Gunso Episode 1–A
Keroro File 001
Voiced by Kumiko Watanabe (Japanese)
Todd Haberkorn (Funimation)
Xavier Fagnon (France)
Andrea Kwan (Animax)
Eba Ojanguren (Spain)
Winnie Chow (Hong Kong) (Season 1)
Joyce Luk (Hong Kong) (Season 2 - Onwards)
Lei Biwen (Taiwan)
Yang Jeong Hwa (South Korea)
Wordplay name K66
Aliases Keron Star
Age Possibly between 25-45 (Human age)

10500 (Actual age)[1]

Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth December 9[2]
Occupation Keron Army Soldier (Sergeant)
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Keroro (ケロロ) is the main protagonist of Mine Yoshizaki's Keroro Gunso series. Keroro is a Sergeant (軍曹 gunsou)[RANKS] and the leader of the Keroro Platoon.


Keroro is a sergeant of the Keron Army army of Planet Keron, and the leader of the Keroro Platoon (ARMPIT Platoon in the Funimation dub). His self-introduction at this time is The Gamma Planetary System, the 58th Planet, Space Invasion Army Special Tactics Platoon Leader, Sergeant Keroro (ガマ星雲第58番惑星 宇宙侵攻軍特殊先行工作部隊隊長 ケロロ軍曹 であります Gama Seiun Dai Gojuuhachiban Wakusei, Uchuu Shinkougun Tokushu Senkou Kousaku Butai Taichou, Keroro Gunsou de arimasu). His best friend is Fuyuki Hinata.


His blood type is O. Watanabe has stated that she played Keroro as someone who was about 45 years old. Keroro described himself to be a child when Nintendo started selling the Game & Watch systems[3], which would place him somewhere between his late 20's and early 30's. However, since Keroro knew Angol Mois since she was a young child, and was already an adult at this point, this would make Keroro at least 500 years old. Alternatively, he might be around the same age as Pururu (which would be around 30), since they have known each other since childhood. According to Manga Volume 25, he is 10500-years-old. His body fat percentage is 30%[4]. He is 55.5 centimeters tall (1.8 ft) and weighs 5.555 kilograms.


Keroro's primary color scheme is green and yellow; green being the main color of his body and yellow being the color of his hat and the Keron Star on his stomach. The star insignia on his hat, however, is red. According to Garuru, the star is the symbol of the Keron Army as well as its commanding officers[5]. The star itself has the ability to lend its dignity to the wearer. However, since Keroro lacks any dignity or character, the effect is nullified while he wears it.[6] Whenever Keroro is caught in an explosion he is seen donning a large comical black afro (For comedic effect and actual headgear in some cases) which is a call to the anime's first ending sequence "Afro Sergeant". It has become a running gag throughout the series and even spans to the other members of the platoon. Later on in the series we see that Keroro's mother has hair that closely resembles his afro in shape and color, so whether the afro is an homage to his mother or not is purely speculation.

He has a talent for dress-up and disguises (if you could call it a talent), and is seen throughout the series with different wigs and costumes in attempts to impersonate character archetypes for various schemes, and even utilizes 'Pekoponian Suits' in order to blend in outside the house. Due to the fact that his head is so obviously alien, it doesn't fool anyone who already knows who he is. Complete strangers, however, are oblivious.
Keron star

One of his trademarks is that he always has his mouth slightly open, regardless of what kind of situation he's in. The only time his teeth are ever shown are when he's scheming, and in episode 10 when his teeth are invaded by cavity aliens.

He is never seen with eyebrows (outside of comedic effect and dramatic scenarios) and (in the Funmation dub at least) has stated that he used to have them but years before he met the Pekoponians he wanted to toughen himself up so he cut them off.


Keroro's hobbies include reading manga and watching television. Among his favorite animes and mangas are Baron Frog, Captain Geroro, Captain Gerlock and, of course, Gundam or Gunpla. Aside from that, he also likes internet surfing (he operates his own home page, named Poetry and Violence: The Sergeant's Room). However, above everything else, he is especially enthusiastic about the creation and compilation of Gunpla (Gundam plastic models), possessing numerous models in his room and a gunpla display room in the secret base. Curiously, in the anime, various models of racing cars can be seen among his plastic model collection (Episode 27, 51 and others), but Keroro has never been shown playing or talking about them.

Involuntary actionEdit

Whenever Keroro sees a banana peel on the ground he steps on it without fail, as it is apparently his devout wish to entertain the masses.[7] In the FUNimation dub, the narrator says he does this because he has an acute case of Hilarity-itis. On episode 154, he still slips on the banana peel, even though he did not see it. Luckily because of this, he saves the world.

Strengths Edit

Kinkin Keronpa

Keroro's energy ball KinKin Keronpa

Because of his everyday life as the house cleaner in the Hinata household, Keroro is an exceptional cleaner and curler. He became a natural at curling because of all the excessive sweeping Natsumi made him do. Though Keroro often displays no combat prowess whatsoever, he was responsible for the scar across Giroro's eye.[8] Another example is when he
Keroro slap

Keroro slapping Dark Keroro

slapped Dark Keroro so hard, he got out of his seat and crashed into a wall. Also,in yet another episode when the Keroro Platoon Emergency Alarm went off, Keroro took a 100-ton hammer and smashed it. In the "Birthday Blitz" encounter in the manga, Keroro easily took out Tamama with a jump kick and snuck up to Kururu locking his arm up in a hold and threatened to break it. Another instance of his strength is in episode 44; he is able to hold back Kururu's mini sub with a fishing line. Keroro is also able to defeat multiple copies of himself in the flash series, with ease even when these copies defeated Natsumi with ease.

If Keroro is exposed to an environment with high humidity, he will slip into a state of mind where he is his former self from "Back Then". During which, he will actually act as a more competent captain, issuing Natsumi's restrain and going forth with the invasion of Earth. In the anime, Keroro of back then has the power to throw energy balls. The only things that can free him from this mania is either Fuyuki's rage, or an attack by a Nyororo.

Keroro also gains a burst of energy whenever he eats Starfruit, which, according to Kururu, has many qualities of Keronian medicine.

Weaknesses Edit

According to the anime in episode 123, Keroro's biggest fear is his own father. His others fears are broken [Gundam models], the invasion timer running out, and overstocking the Valentines candy (according to the fact that Keroro freaks out when he sees these items in ep 123). Whenever Fuyuki says the word 'friend', Keroro becomes consumed with feelings of guilt. In addition, he dislikes [capsicums][cite this]. He also has a tendency to purposely slip on banana peels, due to his actor personality. Keroro is also a drooling otaku for all things Gunpla, which is by far his biggest weakness. He also lacks skills in his homework. Even if he does it all, he will probably fail it because of the wrong answers.

Along with the other members of the Keroro Platoon, Keroro is afraid of the Butt Firecracker (ケツ爆竹), and he will clutch his butt tightly whenever he is mentioned.

Tumblr mhnlmgXDgp1rxpd1oo1 400

Speech MannerismsEdit

Keroro mostly speaks in the first person. He refers to himself as waga hai (我が輩, I) in Japanese.

Keroro usually ends his sentences with de arimasu (であります), which roughly translates to 'that is it' and is a standard military sentence ending. Keroro says a repeating gerogero (ゲロゲロ) when resonating. Whenever Keroro is scheming, he emits a raspy Ge~ro gero gero... (ゲ~ロゲロゲロ…) or Gero Gerori (ゲロゲロリ). Lastly, whenever he speaks English words, such as radio or no problem, he rolls any Rs in it. He also speaks an English no, no, no. He has also said "AHH! Good Timing!" in episode 285.

In the Funimation dub, he usually uses "frog" in the place of profanity along with some of his platoon members; for example, "what the frog" or "Oh my frog" have been used frequently.

Childhood Edit

For More Information see Chibi Keroro Long ago on Planet Keron, Giroro, Pururu, and Zeroro were the childhood "best friends" of Keroro. Keroro had a "Go to the place where one is told not to go, and enter the place where one is told not to enter" way of life, which often led the four friends on numerous, often dangerous, adventures. Inspired by his father, a famed war veteran, Keroro had his sights toward becoming a soldier. He would often wear a fake Keron star on his chest, hopeful of becoming a captain. Keroro set his sights toward becoming a soldier, and spent much of his youth in military school, where he quickly raised in ranks and soon he was requested by the Keron Army to be sent to the dangerous and planet of Pekopon. Keroro was given his own platoon in which they would follow him and help invade said planet.

Life with the Hinata familyEdit

Keroro lurked in the Hinata household until he was discovered by Natsumi and Fuyuki, after which he was captured. With the Kero Ball, his weapon, taken from him and his army having abandoned him, Keroro easily surrendered, at the same time becoming Fuyuki's friend. Now, through being the housekeeper of the Hinata household, Keroro has become familiar to living an adventurous life on Earth.


Keroro hates the sound of Styrofoam rubbing together and people who hate Gunpla. He also hates it when Natsumi harms him or gets angry at him. Like almost all other Keronians, he hates Nyororos.


Keroro's Father Edit

Keroro has both a fear and an admiration for his father. His father is noted as a famous Keronian Soldier, and Keroro strives to be like him. Whenever he is mentioned Keroro will do whatever he can to try and make his father proud of him, and he holds great joy when he does mention how proud of him he is.

Keroro's Mother Edit

Keroro loves his mother dearly as well. He doesn't seem to be afraid of her, and despite constantly telling her not to worry about him, he secretly appreciates it. When Aki was in charge of the invasion of Pekopon, he cried after getting mentally scolded by her and when his mother (actually Natsumi) started spanking him he seemed quite shocked. It is also hinted that his mother spoiled him rotten.

Keroro's Grandfather Edit

While their interaction isn't quiet clear. When Keroro was younger he would listen to his grandfather's stories about Nontruma and how fearsome they were.

Fuyuki Hinata Edit

Upon their first meeting, Fuyuki took an interest in Keroro. They eventually bonded, Fuyuki becoming Keroro's partner and he often stays and helps Keroro, sometimes unwillingly. Keroro also appears to worry about him greatly, and whenever he is in danger Keroro will instantly go to rescue him.

Natsumi Hinata Edit

Natsumi downright considers Keroro a nuisance, calling him Bokegaeru many times. They show an intense rivalry, but this actually shows a mutual respect deep down. Natsumi appears distressed when Keroro is about to disappear along with his other copies, and even cries. [9]

Aki Hinata Edit

Aki showed an admiration for Keroro, and was inspired by their look for an idea of a new manga. She now considers Keroro and the rest of the Platoon them as part of her family. She treats him much kinder then Natsumi, and she enjoys all the wacky adventures he may put her through. And when she was younger, she appeared to like Keroro and conjured whether or not she should act like Fuyuki and stay with Keroro. [10]

Dororo/Zeroro, Giroro, and Pururu Edit

Dororo and Giroro have been friends with Keroro since childhood. Keroro often led the two on adventures and playdates, as well as getting into trouble, especially when he exploited Dororo (Zeroro at the time). Pururu later joined their group, they have since remained together until adulthood when they separated. Keroro developed a crush on Pururu after they met again.


Tamama has a huge crush on the Sergeant, affectionately calling him "Gunsou-san" ( Mr. Sergeant Sir in the Funimation dub). Keroro, however, remains almost 100% unaware of his crush on him. Tamama often goes to extremes to try and earn his affections, despite this, Keroro considers him a faithful subordinate and friend. There is one instance where Keroro might get it that Tamama loves him in "episode 293" when he reads a fan letter saying that Tamama loving Keroro is perverted. Although Tamama has a huge crush on Keroro, Keroro doesn't really see it that way, only seeing Tamama as a close friend and one of his greatest supporters. Although Keroro dosen't like Tamama, there was a moment in episode 105b where Keroro and Tamama were in love.


While Keroro and Kururu don't appear to see each other as friends they appear to be very close to each other either way. Kururu usually goes along with Keroro's scatterbrained plans and he will create the inventions no questions asked. Kururu also tends to treat him with respect as in the episode where he messed with everyone's items he gave Keroro a super rare Gundam model. Keroro even goes as far as singing a song about how great Kururu is in the Funimation dub of the episode.

Angol Mois Edit

When Mois was younger, she and Keroro played together. After they meet again in Pekopon, Mois started to call Keroro "Oji-sama" (Uncle) as a result of their bond. She remains in the platoon, serving as a general maid and secretary to the Platoon. She also harbors romantic feelings for Keroro, however he does not return these feelings and seems to be completely unaware of them, nonetheless he cares for her as much as he does the rest of his friends. However, there were hints in the series the Keroro might have a little bit of feelings for Mois.

Kana Edit

In episode 304, Keroro met her when his hat blew away from the wind while Keroro was doing laundry. Kitten found the hat and gave it to Kana. Keroro asked her for his hat, but Kana didn't want to. Later, Keroro returned to her house to ask again. Kana then promised to give his hat back before she moves away. But the next day, two boys took it from her at school and told Keroro, Fuyuki, and Natsumi. They went out to find it. They found the two boys and they told Kana that the hat had a hole. Later Kana told Keroro that she will fix it for him. Before she left she promised she would never forget Keroro, and the same for Keroro.

Calling KeroroEdit

NameWhat they call KeroroWhat Keroro calls them
Giroro Keroro, Leader Giroro (-gochou, -kun) / Aka () / Aka Daruma / Pot head (one)
Tamama Gunsou-san/Mr. Sergeant (anime, dub) Tamama (-nitou, -kun, -nitouhei) Private T (English dub)
Kururu Leader, Taichou (Keroro), Kekero-kun, Ke-Kero-Kun Kururu (-souchou, -kun), Curry Prince, Ki-chan
Dororo Captain-dono (隊長殿 Taichou-dono), Keroro-kun Dororo (-heichou, -kun), Doronuma-kun, Dororo ninja-kun, Dorobune-kun, Zeroro (-kun) (Keroro's trauma mode), Dorodie, Doropie, Dorotanno ninja What's-his-face (English dub), Dororo-Sama, Dorodango-kun, Torankusu (Trunks)-kun,
Fuyuki Hinata Gunsou Fuyuki-dono
Natsumi Hinata Keroro, Bokegaeru (ボケガエル) (stupid frog), Fridgit, Frog-tard, or Fridiot (anime, dub) Natsumi-dono (rebel side: Natsumi Hinata)
Aki Hinata Kero-chan, Sugar Smacks (anime) Mama-dono, Captain (Manga)
Akina Hinata Kero-chan Admiral-dono
623 Keroro, Gunpla freak 623 (Mutsumi)-dono
Mutsumi Saburo Gunsou Saburo-dono
Momoka (right side) Kero-chan / Gunsou-san / Keroro-san (anime) Momoka-dono
Momoka (opposite side) Keroro/Bokegaeru
Angol Mois Uncle-sama (おじさま Oji-sama) Mois-dono, Mois-chan, Lady Mois (English Dub)
Koyuki Azumaya Keroro-san, Dororo's friend Koyuki-dono
Paul Moriyama Keroro-dono Paul-dono
556 Keroro 556 (Kogoro)
Lavie Keroro-san Lavie-dono
Omiyo Keroro-san Yuurei-chan (when he did not know about her yet) Omiyo-san
Garuru Sergeant Keroro, Keroro-kun First Lieutenant Garuru (-dono)
Pururu Sergeant Keroro, Keroro-kun Chief Medic Pururu, Pururu-chan
Keroro's Father Keroro Chichiue (父上)
Narrator (Keroro) Gunsou, Keroro-san Narrator-dono, Narrator-san
Kana Okina kaeru (Big Frog) Kana-dono
Shion Keroro-san, Monsieur Keroro Shion-dono
Keroro's MotherKeroroMother (Hahaoya)
Poyon Keroro Gunsou Space Police Officer Poyon-dono
Sumama Keroro-San Sumama-dono
Shin KeroroOji-San (Uncle)Shin
Viper MomiKeroro-GunsoViper Momi
ZoruruCorporal ZoruruSergent Keroro
JiraraGunsoCaptain Jirara

Costumes and TransformationsEdit

Afro SergeantEdit

Tumblr m5dy31Y4eq1qhe6ia

Keroro in an afro wig, funky disco clothing complete with fringes and glitter. He ends his sentences in "Me-ow!" and is a victim to uncontrollable dancing. This is parody of Dance Man, who in turn wrote the theme song, Afro Sergeant. Keroro also inexplicably wears his afro whenever he becomes burnt.

"Super" KeroroEdit

Keroro's helmet changes as a parody of Son Goku's super saiyan or Sonic's super form. If this form changes his power level or not is unknown, however it does allow him to move 4 times his normal speed as well as give him flight abilities. He first used it in the manga to rescue Tamama from "Dark Momoka" when both character's first officially debut.


Chibi Keroro dancing

Chibi KeroroEdit

Main article: Chibi Keroro

Young Keroro appears many times, such as in Chibi Kero: Secret of the Kero Ball!? and the ending sequence for Spinning, Turning, Once Around.

Keroro from "Back Then"Edit

(あの頃ケロロ Anokoro Keroro)

Keroro's body becomes glossy when the humidity of the environment has reached a level higher than that of Keron. "Back then" is the time when Keroro still lived in Planet Keron. His combat, power, and intelligence increase threefold, as evidenced by Keroro's ability to take down Natsumi with but a whisper into her ear. However, because of his strengthened biological reaction, it is easy for him to be discovered by hostile space aliens such as Viper and Nyororo (Sucks the moisture out of him). His speaking style also changes during this form. In Part B of Episode 127 of the anime, parodies of Ultimate Muscle and Mobile Fighter G Gundam are seen when Keroro enters this stage.

Space JunjiEdit

(宇宙淳二 Uchuu Junji)

Keroro takes this "Junji Form" when telling scary ghost stories. He even dons his mustache.

Full Armor KeroroEdit

(フルアーマーケロロ Furu Āmā Keroro)

When Keroro enters this stage[11][12], his whole body is heavily equipped. He transforms into this stage by pressing the star on his forehead. However, its only weak point (which Giroro immediately exploits) is the head, which is completely bare. The sequence this form is used in is a reference to Gundam NT-1 "Alex" of Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, as the weapons seen on the armor resemble those of Kämpfer.

See also: FA-78-1 Gundam Full Armor Type

Pekoponian Suit Mk-IV "Kumagoroshi"Edit



Captain KeroroEdit

Lieutenant Colonel Keroro

A younger Keroro appears as the new leader of the Garuru Platoon, Captain Keroro (ケロロ大尉 Keroro Taii, Clone Keroro in the manga)[RANKS][14][15][16].

In the manga, this Keroro is a clone of the original Keroro but in anime, he is brainwashed by Garuru.

In both, he wears Char Aznable's helmet in place of the original ones and becomes more sinister than before, willing to kill both Fuyuki and Natsumi when the Garuru Platoon tried to invade Earth in place of Keroro Platoon. In the anime, he returned back to normal after briefly regressed to his juvenile state and return to his normal appearances.

Keroshiki SoldierEdit


Kerokko AozoraEdit

(青空ケロ子 Aozora Kerokko)

During summer, Keroro joins a contest at Doinaka beach.

Fake NemoEdit

(ネモもどき Nemo modoki)


Keroro Kaiser ZEdit

(ケロロカイザーZ Keroro Kaizā Z)

[19] A parody of Mazinkaiser and Mazinger z.

Fake Chigusa TsukikageEdit

(月影千草もどき Tsukikage Chigusa modoki)


Captain James HookEdit

(ジェイムズ・フック船長 Jeimuzu Fukku Senchou)


Fake Char AznableEdit

(シャア・アズナブルもどき Shaa Azunaburu modoki)


Match GirlEdit


Some of Keroro's imagination when he can't sell any. It is from the story of the Little Match Girl.

Kosuke KindaichiEdit


General KeroroEdit

(ケロロ将軍 Keroro Shogun)[RANKS]


Madam KeroEdit

(おケロ夫人 O-kero fujin)


Kerohachi KeronoEdit

(ケロ野ケロ八 Kerono Kerohachi)



(ボス Bosu)



(ケロ子 Kerokko)


Dragon KeroroEdit

Keroro Dragon by AdmiralHowl

Dragon Keroro

During the fourth movie, Shion turns Keroro into a green dragon. The upper part of his head is darker green with two straight horns, a yellow crest with a red star symbol, and yellow flaps like the ones Keroro has in Keronian form. He has an crooked yellow star symbol. When he first turned into a dragon and lost his mind, he was able to defeat the entire platoon singed-handed. He can produce blasts of fire which he calls Keroro Fire, project a star-shaped force field, and can pull out random items like a hammer with the insignia of France. Dragon Keroro is also seen in episode 356.

In the manga, Keroro gains the ability to transform into this form thanks to the power of the Keron Star. This transformation is named Warrior Style in the manga, following a similar nomenclature to Shin Keroro's Style changes. Keroro first activated the form thanks to extreme humidity, which led to a partial transformation, and Fuyuki being in danger, completing it. Afterwards, he managed to activate it again by slipping on a banana peel and hitting his head, which seemed to make him more focused temporarily. He fought Black★Star but ultimately lost. Keroro still can't take the form at will under usual conditions, although he can do so with the help of Myou Kaneami's ability to awaken hidden powers.
Cute key charms I wnat all of them

The Runaway Keroro charm released with Volume 23.

Runaway KeroroEdit

Runaway Keroro is the name given to Keroro under the control of Myou[32]. He first appears in Chapter 189, after Myou comes over to visit, along with Tomosu Hinohara. He appears to be very rebellious, having defeated Natsumi, and is extremely insane. He was also released as a charm with the ordering of Volume 23.

Where's Keroro here i am

Meroro Edit

(メロロ Meroro)

Etymology Edit

Keroro's name comes from "gero" (ゲロ), the Japanese onomatopoeia for ribbit.


  • Fans, and Cameo's in other shows, often depict Keroro having Brown eyes.
  • In 10 years, if Keroro goes without shaving, he will grow a white beard. (episode 234-b)
    Keroro riddle champ

    Keroro holding the Riddle Champ Trophy

  • Keroro might be a great dancer. He says he had mastered "Dance Dance Revolution".
  • Keroro has also stated that he is really good at riddles. He says that he won the 556th Space Riddle Tournament. (Episode 95)
  • Keroro (possible along with Tamama) might have something uprising under their hats. In episode 316 when Momoka switched souls with the Sergeant, Keroro's hat fell off and Momoka was surprised to see what Keroro looked like without the hat.
  • Keroro burned head

    Keroro with his burnt head

    In the 7th volume of the manga, you can see Keroro without his hat for it had burnt off, but his head is too charred to see it clearly.
  • He seems to like the color pink since whenever he wears his pajamas, it's always pink.
  • He can play soccer really well, even taking it to extreme lengths by cheating his way to victory.
  • In the manga, he has to wear a "Power Limiter" during the monsoon season because Keroro becomes crazy due to the high humidity level. (Volume 9)
  • His name was Jan Keroodo Sukaarento Azunaburu Third ZZZ Gunsou for a brief time.
  • Keroro likes Macintosh.
  • He can roll up into a perfect ball and can attain high speeds while in this form. (episode 2),but he wasn't seen doing it ever since that episode.
  • Keroro, along with Dororo and Giroro, won 1st place in Kerorobics Dancing.
  • He can apparently shoot eyebeams. (Volume 15 encounter 122)
  • Despite small controversy, Keroro does not smoke at all, even though he is seen with a cigar in his mouth a few times. It is never lit and is used to make Keroro look more professional.
  • Aside from a slight crush on Pururu, Keroro has a crush on Sumomo.
  • In most of Season 1, Keroro (and some other frogs) had a whole different appearance than their current appearance. Their pupils were almost as big as their sclera (white part of the eye), their mouths was wider, their tails were pointy, and their hats were flopped down.
  • Keroro is shorter then Giroro, who is 2.2 ft tall.
  • Keroro appears to be a very loving father figure as he treated both Kiruru. and Babubu extremely well. He took great care of them, trusted them with his precious gundam and even fought to keep them with him.
  • Keroro pours canned coffee over the pages of old Shonen Alpha that he's going to throw away to prevent people from taking them and reading them.

Keroro's Name in Different LanguagesEdit

Country Name (National) Name (Translated)
Chinese (Simplified)Keroro军曹 Keroro Jūn cáo (Keroro Gunso)
Chinese (Traditional)Keroro 軍曹Keroro Jūn cáo (Keroro Gunso)
Korean케로로 중사Kelolo Jungsa (Sergeant Keroro)
Arabicالْمُلازِمْ كِيرُوLieutenant Ki (al-mulāzim kīrū)
Amharicሳጂን ኬሮሮSajīni Kēroro (Sergeant Keroro)
MalaySarjan KeroroSergent Keroro
FrenchSergent Keroro
GermanSergeant Keroro
SpanishSargento KeroroSergeant Keroro
GalicianSarxento KeroroSergeant Keroro
CatalanSergent Keroro
BasqueKeroro sarjentuaSergeant Keroro
ItalianSergente KeroroSergeant Keroro
PortugueseSargento KeroroSergeant Keroro
DutchSergeant Keroro
PolishSierżant KeroroSergeant Keroro
CzechSeržant KeroroSergeant Keroro
TurkishÇavuş KeroroSergeant Keroro
SwedishSergeant Keroro
FinnishYlikonstaapeli KeroroSergeant Keroro
GreekΛοχίας KeroroLochías Keroro (Sergeant Keroro)
RussianСержант КэророSerzhant Keroro (Sergeant Keroro)
MongolianТүрүүч КэророTürüüch Keroro (Sergeant Keroro)
ThaiสิบโทเคโรโระCorporal Keroro (S̄ib tho khe ro roa)
Khmerពលបាលត្រីកង្កែបpolbalotrei kangkeb (Sergeant Frog/Keroro)
IndonesianSersan KeroroSergeant Keroro
VietnameseTrung sĩ KeroroSergeant Keroro
AfrikaansSersant KeroroSergeant Keroro
SwahiliSajini KeroroSergeant Keroro
HausaSaje KeroroSergeant Keroro
Persianگروهبان کیروروSergeant Kyrvr
FilipinoSarhento KeroroSergeant Keroro
SerbianНаредник КеророNarednik Keroro (Sergeant Keroro)



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