Keroro's room is a room in the basement of the Hinata residence. It contains a TV, a table, a small fridge, a display
Sgt. Keroro's room

Keroro's room.

of Gunpla models, Keroro's computer, a couch, and others.

In episodes 3 and 4, there was a very out-of-date TV set in Keroro's room that Giroro was hiding in.

The fridge was modified to become a portal to the Keroro Platoon base and a star was placed prior to its modification.

Aki Hinata was first excited when she gave the room to Keroro as she expected it to be very creepy and out of the world, but was a bit disappointed when it was virtually just a very simple, normal room.
Sgt. Gundams in Keroro's room


Main article: Omiyo

Ghost-chan was here even before the events in Keroro Gunso, and was the reason why no one wants to live in chanthe house (and was thus very cheap). Her presence always gives Natsumi the creeps, but Keroro doesn't seem to notice her.

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