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Keroro: Nyobo to Tomo ni Sarinu, de arimasu
Season +
English Funimation anime title XuzOzETbqyDvcyxHV
Air date June 23, 2006
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Screenplay Yuichi Abe +
Storyboard Kasuhiro Yoneda +
Direction Kasuhiro Yoneda +
Animation director Takuro Shinbo +
Kenichi Takase +
Animation supervisor Satoshi Koike +
Production assistance RdFqYHvorFDtPj +
Previous episode: Episode 114
This episode: Episode 115
Keroro: Nyororo vs. Mecha Nyororo de arimasu
Keroro: Gone with Nyobo de arimasu
Related to manga?
Keroro: Gone with Nyobo de arimasu false
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Denis on 06/23/2011 at 07:04I am a huge fan of Gunpla TV and was wondering if you could detiacde an episode or two on building a 1/60 PG RX-78-2 Gundam 30th Anniversary Extra Finish Version or 1/60 PG MS-06 Zaku 30th Anniversary Extra Finish Version? I would love to hear about what tips and tricks you may have on tackling pre-painted kits such as these.

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