Keroro: Invasion in a Blink of Eye! de arimasu
ケロロ あっというまの侵略!
Keroro: Attoiu ma no Shinryaku! de arimasu
Season +
Air date August 14, 2010
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Keroro: Invasion in a Blink of Eye! de arimasufalse
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Keroro: Invasion in a Blink of Eye! de arimasu (ケロロ あっというまの侵略! であります Keroro: Attoiu ma no Shinryaku! de arimasu!) is the second part of the 327th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.


(In Order of Appearance)

New Characters Edit

  • President of Japan


The Keroro Platoon come up with an idea to use a new item called the "Doing Heaven's Work and Control Everything" Gun, a gun that slows down things and makes the users move at hyperspeed, thanks to a proverb Keroro had seen on his calender.

Keroro plans to have the President of Japan sign a treaty saying that they hand the whole planet over to them. Thus they initiate the plan and soon find that everything around them has frozen and that whenever they try to move something it doesn't work. Kururu explains that they can only move objects that were brought into the beam, and that the effect should wear off in about 1 week. So the Keroro Platoon wait for exactly one week and when the time unfreezes they quickly rush to eat. Which is where Natsumi and Fuyuki find them, after explaining Fuyuki asks if their plan was successful. Everyone sits near the TV waiting when the President throws the paper away, as Keroro, Tamama and Giroro watch in shock while Dororo and Kururu seem unfazed by the turnout.


  • The "Doing Heaven's Work and Control Everything" Gun is a tribute to Kamen Rider Kabuto.


  • In Kitten's brief appearance she has a pink nose, while it is usually black.
  • While the Keroro Platoon are on the floor, Dororo's sword is missing.
  • When the Keroro Platoon is about to head off Dororo's sign on his stomach is missing.

Gallery Edit

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