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Keroro: Anata no O-Mimi ni Shinryaku Rajio, de arimasu
Season +
English Funimation anime title Handsome Keroro Presents: KERORO Killed the Radio Star!
Air date August 7, 2004
English air date Error: Invalid time.
The date "<strong class="error">Error: Invalid time.</strong>" was not understood.
Screenplay uZxOndPYZlyzPjltk +
Storyboard ZpeGoaXeJFxS +
Direction oItMRwDubpVN +
Animation director DRYhKBelVGZUm +
Animation supervisor gjvNRyxGvbwbeoeEDhr +
Production assistance esZFGzxXI +
This episode: Episode 19
Keroro vs. Natsumi: Decisive Battle at the Festival, de arimasu
Keroro: Invasion of Your Ears by Radio, de arimasu
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Keroro: Invasion of Your Ears by Radio, de arimasutrue
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