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Keroro: Must-Have, de arimasu
ケロロ モ テ る であります
Keroro: Mo Te Ru, de arimasu
Season +
Air date June 13, 2009
Screenplay Kuniaki Kasahara +
Storyboard 京極尚彦 +
Direction 京極尚彦 +
Animation director Yumiko Ishii +
Production assistance STMATS +
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Keroro: Must-Have, de arimasufalse
[edit info]

Keroro: Must-Have, de arimasu (ケロロ モ テ る であります Keroro: Mo Te Ru, de arimasu) is the second part of the 267th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.


New CharactersEdit



  • This is the longest episode that took over 14 minutes, another one is Tamama: Tamama Tango, de arimasu.
  • Keroro narrates the preview of the next episode about mecha designers.


  • When Natsumi and Fuyuki were holding Mois and Tamama from Kaede, Natsumi's light-pink hair are colored just like the wall on Keroro's room.
  • When Tamama was eating cookies while he was fat and jealous, the cookie he is holding is colored the same way as his body.

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