Keroro: Past Glory, de arimasu
ケロロ  過去の栄光  であります
Keroro: Kako no Eikō, de arimasu
Season +
Air date April 28, 2007
Previous episode: Episode 157
This episode: Episode 158
Next episode: Episode 159
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Keroro: Past Glory, de arimasufalse
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Keroro: Past Glory, de arimasu (ケロロ  過去の栄光  であります Keroro: Kako no Eikō, de arimasu) is the first part of the 158th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.




  • This episode is somewhat a clip-show episode that features all episodes from the 1st season to 3rd season of Keroro Gunsou anime. No matter how many of them they show, no one will count them anyway.
  • This episode doesn't include the Hinatas since they don't appear in this episode, but they voices are used due to being all dubbed by Giroro.


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