Keroro: Vacuum Cleaners Forever! de arimasu
ケロロ 掃除機よ永遠なれ!
Season +
Air date December 6, 2008
Screenplay [[Screenplay::Kuniaki Kasahara]] +
Storyboard [[Storyboard::Hiroaki Shimura]] +
Direction [[Direction::Hiroshi Tamada]] +
Animation director [[Animation director::Akira Takeuchi; Yukari Kobayashi]] +
Animation supervisor [[Animation supervisor::Satoshi Koike]] +
Production assistance [[Production assistance::Dream Force]] +
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Keroro: Vacuum Cleaners Forever! de arimasu
[edit info]

Keroro: Vacuum Cleaners Forever! de arimasu (ケロロ 掃除機よ永遠なれ! であります Keroro Soujiki yo Eien Nare! de arimasu) is the second part of the 241st episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.

The name of the episode is parodied from the march Stars and Stripes Forever, whose Japanese translation is ja:星条旗よ永遠なれ|星条旗よ永遠なれ (Seijouki yo Eien Nare!).

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