Keroro Gunso: Kero and Typing de arimasu!
box cover
ケロロ軍曹 ケロッとタイピングであります!
Genre Typing Game
Publisher Sunrise Interactive, Media Kite
Rating 3/5 [1]
Platform Windows (98/2000/XP)
Released March 11, 2005
License Mine Yoshizaki / Kadokawa Shoten Sunrise TV Tokyo · NAS


Series Keroro Gunso (Anime)
Native resolution 640×480 (16 bit high color)
System requirements 256MB memory storage or more
Price 4980¥ (Plus Tax)
Sound Direct Sound 5.2 or later

|} Keroro Gunso: Kero and Typing de arimasu! (ケロロ軍曹 ケロッとタイピングであります! Keroro Gunsou Kero- to Taipingu de arimasu) is a game based on the anime and manga series Keroro Gunso.


  1. Amazon Japan Rating

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