Keroro Gunso Original Sound Kerock
Released July 21, 2004
Length 55:57 (Total)
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Keroro Gunso Original Sound Kerock (「ケロロ軍曹」オリジナルサウンドケロック "Keroro Gunsou" Orijinaru Saundo Kerokku) is the first soundtrack from the anime series Keroro Gunso. It was released July 21, 2004.

Track listingEdit

  1. Keroro Gunso
  2. Koisuru Shooting Star (恋するシューティング☆スター) by Juri Ihata
  3. Tracking Signal
  4. Lost in the Sky
  5. Alpen10000
  6. Tekno Gunso
  7. Keroro Fresh
  8. Summer Time
  9. Telescope
  10. Dalidara Yadana
  11. Spacewalk…
  12. Big Hustle!
  13. MC Keroro
  14. Diaspora
  15. Sleepwalk…
  16. Dreamdecorder
  17. Vertigo
  18. Eleki Gunso
  19. Escape Velocity 127
  20. Kelop

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