An attack that is used when all five members of the Keroro Platoon are present.

It is originally used to take out Viper in episode 13 after Dororo and Koyuki are captured.

It is usually an energy ball formed by Kururu and passed through each Platoon member like a Basket ball (though Keroro uses a golf-club) and finished with Dororo, who, quote, uses his left hand for support only. Dororo launches the ball and, unsurprisingly, Viper is unable to move. To add humor to this deathblow, Viper (or whoever) says things like, "I fell that I must be hit!". The Deathblow usually ends in an explosion.

This move is a parody of Goranger finishing move; Goranger Storm.

In the Funimation Dub, it is called "Five Wrongs Make a Right" Attack, and the Narrator lists off the "violations" made by the Platoon.

  1. Kururu- Making an energy ball out of nothing
  2. Tamama- Double Dribble
  3. Giroro- Traveling
  4. Keroro- Using a Golf club (WRONG SPORT)
  5. Dororo- Performed with perfect legal form when throwing the ball, when Viper calls this out, the Narrator list the violation as "like a ninny, Dororo is helping his platoon. who clearly deserved to be beaten for how they treated him".

In Keroro (Flash Series) the attack is featured in File 5, and is called Keroro Platoon One-Hit Kill. The move, as stated by Keroro is to be used when the Keroro Platoon is in perfect Harmony.

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