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The Keroro Platoon Girl Type (女の子型ケロロ小隊 Onnanoko Gata Keroro Shoutai) is the Keroro Platoon after being transformed into human girls. They appear in collaboration with the mobile RPG Kemono Friends. The Event Quest tied to the Collaboration was written with Mine Yoshizaki's supervision.


In the event quest tied in to the collaboration, the Keroro Platoon decides to invade the Japari Park, where all types of animals from around the world gather together. However, they soon split from each other due to an accident. Afterwards, Keroro soon notices that his appearance and voice have changed into that of a Pekoponian girl. Shortly afterwards, Keroro meets the Park Guide, Serval and the player avatar. The Park Guide wonders why Keroro isn't in her database, only for Keroro to reveal herself as an alien. After some confusion, the Park Guide explains that there's Sandstar in the Japari Park that transforms all animals that go there into Animal Girls. Asking for their help, Keroro decides to gather the platoon and especially Kururu, hoping to find a way back to normal.

In the end, Kururu reveals that they should be able to easily return to normal after leaving the Japari Park, however, the Keroro platoon decides to stay and help Serval and the player avatar in their own quest.

Keroro Girl TypeEdit

Voice Actress: Kanae Itō[1][2]

Keroro's general personality doesn't change and her characteristic de arimasu (であります) is often used during the event's story conversations, and also various special quotes, like victory and special attacks.

Keroro boasts to the player avatar about being a model woman and soldier, able to cook, do the laundry, clean and invade. She also offers to clean the Japari Park. She fights with a beam saber similar to the one wielded by the RX-78 Gundam.

Keroro has been grouped in the pure attribute section, and she is good at fighting on the water terrain, but she is poor at fighting on the sand terrain.

Giroro Girl TypeEdit

Voice Actress: Eriko Matsui[1][2]

After becoming a girl, Giroro often uses the gender neutral and polite watashi () to reference herself, rather than Giroro's usual blunt and masculine ore (). Keroro teases her about how not only her appearance changed, but also her character, angering her, who denies to have changed at all. She gets embarrassed when thanking the player avatar for his help.

Giroro has been grouped into the passion attribute section, and she is good at fighting on sandy terrain, but she is poor at fighting on snowy terrain.

Tamama Girl TypeEdit

Voice Actress: Ai Maeda[1][2]

Tamama's surface personality and speech style remain the same, although her darker side seems absent. When asked about how she felt about becoming a girl, she says that it's a bit embarrassing, but otherwise doesn't seem bothered by the change.

Tamama has been grouped in the pure attribute section, and she is good at fighting on the water terrain, but she is poor at fighting on the sand terrain.

Dororo Girl TypeEdit

Voice Actress: Juri Nagatsuma[1][2]

Dororo admires the harmony in the Japari Park and swears to protect it. She appears to help the Keroro and the others while they search for Kururu, but they don't recognize her, calling her only a "mystery beauty". Dororo actually enjoys the role, although eventually gets disappointed when she notices that "Dororo" is being completely forgotten by the others. Even after mentioning her name, the others didn't remember her, only actually recognizing her after she went into trauma mode.

She changes her speech style entirely after becoming a girl. It's still comically formal, but more adequate for a girl. Her sessha (拙者), an archaic "I" used by Samurai, is replaced by the extremely formal watakushi (). Meanwhile, in her voiced dialogue, her de gozaru (でござる) sentence ender is replaced by desu ne (ですね). In the story script though, she also uses a simple desu (です) quite a bit.

When she's in trauma mode, she calls Keroro by Keroro-chan, rather than Keroro-kun. Differently from Dororo's usual trauma mode though, she actually attacks Keroro while crying, repeatedly screaming "idiot!".

Dororo has been grouped into the cool attribute section, and she is good at fighting on snowy terrain, but she does poor at fighting on the plains terrain.

Kururu Girl TypeEdit

Voice Actress: Emi Uwagawa[1][2]

In one of her battle quotes, she calls herself Kururuko. Kururu considers the events happening around them fun. According to her profile, she notices that there had also been personality changes alongside the physical ones, but isn't bothered by that and claims that her actual nature isn't changed by minor details like those. Her speech style isn't any different from before.

Kururu has been grouped into the cool attribute section, and she is good at fighting on the plains terrain, but she is poor at fighting on the water terrain.

Kururuoko is adorable

Kururuko in her original appearance.

Trivia Edit

  • Kururu's female name has also been used by Kururu when talking about his Pekoponian Suit.



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