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Keroro Pop Star
ケロロ ポップスター
Keroro Poppusutā
Song by Mayumi Gojo
Album Keroro Pop Star
Length 3:28
Label Columbia Japan
Lyricist Mine Yoshizaki, Yuuki Matsuura
Arrangement Nippon Columbia Production
1 track listing
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Keroro Popstar (ケロロ ポップスター Keroro Poppusutā) is the opening to the Keroro (Flash Series).



kimino hoshiwo nerau

midoriirono poppustaa

susume uchuuwo koete

sakusenkaishi dearimasu!

kerokerokero ke-ke-ke

kerokerokero ke-ke-ke

kerokerokero ke-ke-ke

kerokerokerokero kekekeroke

keroro keroro nanbaawan


Keroro 2014 op full-003:28

Keroro 2014 op full-0

English Translation Edit

We're aiming for your star, Green Pop Star!

Move forward pass through space, commence operation.

kerokerokero kero kero ke

kerokerokero kero kero ke

kerokerokero kero kero ke 

kerokerokero kero kero kero ke

Keroro, Keroro, Number one

Kero Kero Popstar

Italian Translation Edit

Tutti verso quella stella

Verde popstar!

Attraversiamo lo spazio.

Iniziamo l’operazione!

Kerokerokero ke-ke-ke

Kerokerokero ke-ke-ke

Kerokerokero ke-ke-ke

Kerokerokerokero kekekero kei

Keroro keroro il numero uno.

Kerokero popstar!

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