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Keroro Song, Everybody Enter de arimasu! (ケロロソング、全部入りであります! Keroro Songu, Zenbu Hairi de arimasu!) is a music CD of Keroro Gunso songs released March 24, 2005.

Track listingEdit

  1. Kero! and March by Nobuaki Kakuda and Juri Ihata
  2. Afro Sergeant by Dance Man
  3. Giroro's Best Long Day (background music) by Giroro (Jōji Nakata) and Natsumi (Chiwa Saito)
  4. Powered Suits Make No Difference (background music) by MorePeachSummer
  5. Pekopon Invasion Ondo by Keroro Allstars
  6. Koisuru Shooting Star by Sumomo (Juri Ihata)
  7. Afro War ~Dance Man vs. Dasonu Maso~ (BGM) by Dance Man and Yuichi Nagashima
  8. Birthday Song (326 mix) (BGM) by Saeko Suzuki feat. Saburo (Akira Ishida)
  9. Come On! Come On! (BGM) by Rui Nagai with Sergeant Keroro (Kumiko Watanabe)
  10. Keroro Platoon Authorized! Passionate Learn to Draw Song!! by Keroro Allstars
  11. Christmas Kerol (BGM) by Keroro Choir

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