Keroro Song, Everybody Enter de arimasu! 2
Released March 8, 2006
Price ¥2,520
Label Victor Entertainment
Length 35 minutes
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Keroro Song, Everybody Enter de arimasu! 2 (ケロロソング、(ほぼ)全部入りであります!2 Keroro Songu, (Hobo) Zenbu Hairi de arimasu! 2 (Tsū)) is a soundtrack of Keroro Gunso songs released on March 8, 2006.

Track listingEdit

  1. Dosukoi Gunso by Sumo Platoon
  2. Purity of Namul by More Peach Summer Snow
  3. Variety of Colors by Saeko Suzuki
  4. Ariso de Nasaso na Girigiri no Blues by Giroro and Natsumi
  5. 556 Burning Love Theme by 556 and Lavie
  6. Gablingo Drag Corps by More Peach Summer Snow
  7. Rock Planet by Fuyuki and Keroro
  8. Kelowlee Night by Keroro Choir
  9. Kero! and March (Platoon Version) by Keroro Platoon

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