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The Keroro Wiki is a wiki all about Keroro Gunso (Sergeant Keroro), an anime and manga series by Mine Yoshizaki about five Keronians on a mission to conquer Pekopon.

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Please visit the official Keroro Gunso website to support the series! (Warning: It is in Japanese.)

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Keroro 1
Episode 1 (Flash Series) I need Keroro (ケロロとの遭遇 Keroro to no Souguu, literally meaning "Encounter with Keroro") is the first episode of the new 2014 edition of Keroro Gunso, labelled Keroro...(more...)

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  • edit Here's the Earth for You!
    edited by DesuMasuta 1 hour ago diff
    Summary: Removed incorrect lyrics. Will add correct ones later.
  • edit Ke-Ke-Keroro's Big Plan
    edited by DesuMasuta 1 hour ago diff
    Summary: Removed lyrics (they're for a different song), and the now non-existent video of the song.
  • new page Keroro: I Want to Dig Holes! de arimasu
    created by TigerLily02 3 hours ago
    New page: Keroro: I Want to Dig Holes! de arimasu ケロロ 穴があったら掘りたい! であります Keroro: Ana ga Attara Horitai! de arimasu Season 4 + ...
    Summary: Even though I hate this episode, I had to make this page so it will be related to the page "Drill Disease".
    Added categories: Episodes, Season 4

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  • discussion page Talk:Drill Disease
    new comment by TigerLily02 3 hours ago
    Comment: Yes it is. I find that episode disturbing.
  • discussion page Talk:Keronians
    new comment by 802kup 7 hours ago
    Comment: Yep, I'm pretty sure we humans came from apes and not extra terrestrial life.
  • discussion page Talk:Kitten
    new comment by 802kup 7 hours ago
    Comment: Though it says Keroro is 1 foot and 8 inches.
  • edit Urara
    edited by CopperPuru27 12 hours ago diff
    Edited the section: Appearance
  • discussion page Talk:Drill Disease
    new comment by CopperPuru27 12 hours ago
    Comment: Episode 197, I believe.
  • discussion page Talk:Keronians
    new comment by CopperPuru27 12 hours ago
    Comment: You know, in a way I would. I mean, they haven't seen the human body before, so they probably don't understand the importance of breasts and milk in...

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Dance Man ani

Dance Man is a Japanese musician.

Alert: Do you want to create your own Keroro orikeros? Head over to the Keroro Gunso Orikero Wikia!

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  • Keroro Gunso Volume 26 is to be released March 26th.
  • Check out the new Keroro Forums! We encourage you to join the community!
  • Sgt. Frog Season 3 for DVD is now out for purchase. Watch the trailer
  • If you are a Wikia contributor, avoid your IP address being shown by signing up! It can be dangerous if someone bad gets a hold of your IP address.
  • The last episode of Keroro (Flash Series) was File 23.
  • Answer some polls! Click the "Poll" tab next to the "Recent Changes" tab.
  • FUNimation is still tying to obtain rights for a 4th dubbed season
  • (February 26, 2010) Keroro Gunso Volume 20 released.
  • It's the seventh season of Keroro Gunso!
  • Announcement: The HTML Ruby addon has better support for ruby than XHTML Ruby Support.
  • Tomoko Kawakami, Fuyuki Hinata's Seiyuu was passed away June 9th 4.45pm in 41 years.
  • The original timeslot for Keroro Gunso has been reduced to 15 minutes. However, a new timeslot, which reruns the story in the original timeslot (A part), together with a new story (B part), is created and called Keroro Gunso Otsu. As a result, the A part has to be completely unrelated with the B part, and there were no full episodes since.

(old news...)

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