Kiroro (Chieftain Geroro)
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
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Battle Chief Kiroro (キロロ戦闘班長) is a main character in the Captain Geroro series. His Japanese voice actor is Takeshi Kusao.


He's the young and hotheaded Battle Chief of the Gamato. Like Giroro, he has an older brother, revealed in episode 80 of the Keroro anime in a chapter of the Captain Geroro manga. He was presumed dead in the war of the Pluto seas, but he reappears alive. His older brother's design resembles Garuru with short hair falling over his face. See Captain Gerlock. The same episode also shows that Kiroro has a crush on Chief Nurse Moriri. Kiroro pilots the red space jet SupersGiro and, although Giroro doesn't like to admit it, he actually likes this character (episode 33). His first appearance in the Keroro anime was as an a draft in incomplete manga pages in episode 26.


His red face resembles Giroro's, aside from the lack of a scar. He has short brown hair and wears a blue and white jumpsuit. He's a mix of Giroro and Battle Chief Susumu Kodai from Space Battleship Yamato.


Trhe survival of Kiroro's brother after the battle of Pluto resembles the survival of Mamoru Kodai, Susumu's brother who had seemingly died in the battlefield. Kiroro's brother taking the role of the space pirate Gerlock was based on the original plans for Mamoru, who'd have gone on to become Captain Harlock had it not been for some production problems of the Yamato tv series.

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