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Kiruru (Keroro Gunso the Super Movie 2)
First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 20
Movie 2
Voiced by Yoshinori Fujita (Japanese)
Aliases Kiruru
Gender Male
Species / Type Artificial Keronian
Occupation To destroy Pekopon (Anime)
Servant to Meru and Maru (Manga)
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A second Kiruru makes an appearance in the Pacific, in the start of second Keroro Gunso movie, but is quickly defeated by Meru and Maru, but in volume 20 of the manga, this Kiruru is Meru and Maru's personal servant and superweapon.

Story Edit

In the manga, the Kiruru is shown attacking the crew, much like in the movie, as Kururu watches him in shock. Before the Kiruru can strike a loud burst of light erupts from the sea, capturing everyone's attention. A ball of light appears in the Kiruru's face and instructs him to return, the Kiruru hurriedly does as Kururu watches it retreat in awe.

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