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Kiruru Project is a project secretly done by the Keron Army. It still under development so the Keron Army has kept it a secret from the public.


The Kiruru Project is based from a legend that follows through past long years ago in Keron Star. It facilitates the invasion of a planet.


The head of Kiruru`s forehead has an "X" sign and the first prototype introduced has a triangle sign.


The torso of Kiruru is similar to Keronians and it has the mark of X or a triangle.

Skin ColorEdit

The skin color of Kiruru is white and the hat is dark blue.


  • The Keron Army kept it secret to the army and the elites and Keroro platoons know about it.
  • The Keroro platoon found it by their tardiness at their invasion at first than got to know they have 3 Kirurus in Pekopon.
  • The prototype version (Kiruru.) first appeared in the Invasion Timer.

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