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First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 2 Encounter 20: A Fourth Visitor
Keroro Gunso Episode 9-A
Keroro File 005
Voiced by Takehito Koyasu (Japanese)
Chuck Huber (Funimation)
Michael Pizzuto (Animax)
Juan Martín Goirizelaia (Spain)
Martin Lui (Hong Kong)
Kevin So (Hong Kong) (Season 5 & 7)
Wordplay name 966
Aliases "Kululu"
Age 24 (Human age)

6000 (Actual age)

Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Keron Army soldier (Sergeant Major)
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Kururu (クルル), or Kululu, is a Sergeant Major (曹長 souchou)[RANKS] and the Strategy and Communications Staff Officer of the Keroro Platoon in the series Keroro Gunso.

Kururu's name has been romanized as 'Kululu' in the English manga as of the eleventh volume. Furthermore, all of the books previous to this have been republished with the name replacement. In the manga Kururu stated that Kululu is his stage name.

Kururu dancing

Kururu dancing



Although he is ranked higher than Keroro, Kururu is not the leader of the Keroro Platoon due to his unpleasant and unnerving demeanor, which has given him the nickname of 'Yellow Devil'. He is mostly known as a sadist and egoist. His blood type is AB, which fits his personality. His name comes from the Japanese word for the phrase "round and round," kurukuru (クルクル), referring to the spirals seen on his glasses.

Kururu holding the Kero Ball

Kururu hack 78

Kururu hacks

Kururu is the brains of the Keroro Platoon, officially in charge of intelligence and planning. He is also the partner of Mutsumi Saburo. However, he is extremely mischievous, despicable, downright evil and enigmatic, almost to the point where some people might call him a mad scientist. He was once ranked Major in the army as an intelligence officer, but was demoted for causing trouble for the 'higher-ups'.[1] He is generally disliked by everyone; most of the characters see him as a depressing jerk and in the series, action figures of him tend to sell very poorly on Keron (much to Kururu's chagrin[2] but Kururu seems to take pride in his bad attitude). Despite this, he gets along quite well with Mutsumi (Saburo). Being the least emotional of the Keroro Platoon, he is almost never seen being moved to tears or smiling during any events, though at the same time he rarely, if ever, panics when something goes wrong, likely due to the multiple dangers from his own inventions outweighing it. It is however shown that he is actually a good person who cares for his friends, but just likes practical jokes and often takes them too far. While many times in the anime and manga the platoon have talked about perverted things they condone it and say they don't actually do it. Kururu usually uses Giroro for his experiments, mainly because of their differences.
Kururu chuckle

Ku ku ku ku ku...

Kururu's nemesis is Tororo Shinpei, or New Recruit of the Garuru platoon, as seen in Volume 18.

Kururu loves curry, and often takes this to the extreme. He is even seen bathing in it, and can withstand even the spiciest curries. He is often seen holding a plate of curry or loudly eating it, although once the narration called it spaghetti.

Kururu also seems to be a skilled DJ. He is seen in a few episodes using turntables (one time in front of a large crowd).

Along with the other members of the Keroro Platoon, Kururu is afraid of the Butt Firecracker (ケツ爆竹).

Personality Edit

Kururu's personality is complex. He appears to have a dark side, but at the same time he has shown that he cares about his friends. He is very intelligent and full of wisdom. His place on the platoon is stable, and it has been shown more than once that they can't do very well without him. Sometimes he can be a prankster and cruel. As shown in episode 28b of the anime, he has tortured everyone with his pranks. In episode 49a, he messed up Natsumi's laundry and ripped some pages out of Fuyuki's book.
2010-05-27 14;08

Kururu's old anime design.

Appearance Edit

Kururu is a yellow adult Keronian with a small yellow spiral symbol on his orange cap and a red spiral on his chest. His headphones are a multipurpose gadget.


Kururu before turning yellow

When Kururu was a young child, him and his hat were originally blue, but were then dyed yellow after falling into a huge plate of curry created by the Kero Ball. When he was blue, he appeared to be nice to his friends, though with a selfish outlook on the help they receive, but after he was dyed yellow, he got a much darker personality and the lines near his glasses because of Keroro.[3]His stomach has a red spiral mark on it; a yellow one is also located on his hat. Spirals can also be seen on his glasses. When these glasses are removed in one way or another, Kururu often begins to mumble "glasses, glasses" (megane, megane) and starts searching for his glasses. His afro was first seen dark orange but later, and more often, is seen as purple.

Kururu symbol

Spiral, Kururu's symbol

Weaknesses Edit

Kururu is revealed to be deeply afraid of Angol Mois as shown in episode 123. Another weakness is curry and whenever it is around Kururu will have to stop and eat it.

History Edit

Kururu's name has been romanized as 'Kululu' in the English manga as of the eleventh volume. Furthermore, all of the books previous to this have been republished with the name replacement. In the manga Kururu stated that Kululu is the side of him that tends to sell very poorly on Keron, being moved to tears or smiling during any events, though at the same time it is him.

Kululu as Kururuko

Costumes and Transformations Edit


In some episodes, Kururu disguises himself as a magical girl complete with short, orange hair, a uniform, a wand and wings. Kururu became Keroro's guide in Hinamatsuri.[4] He also became a contestant for 623's radio contest, in which he won, by doing confusing math while telling cold jokes.[5] In another episode, he became a very popular idol under the name Kururuko Tsukishima, and later suddenly quits and disappears right before a big stage performance for the despair of Keroro, who is acting as his manager.[6]


Baby Kururu

After turning himself into a baby using his age-altering gun which broke soon after, Kururu was seemingly stuck in this infantile state. This caused much trouble for everyone, the Hinata's take care of him while the platoon look for blueprints. However, when the very affectionate Angol Mois puts him up against the terrifying idea of being raised by someone as pure and innocent as her, he quickly fixed the gun, apparently retaining his genius even as a baby, and turned back to normal.

Old Lady
Tumblr m5acjgwlul1r19nibo1 500

Kururu disguises himself as a little old lady as a diversion for Fuyuki and Momoka's teacher, Mr. Yamada, who unfortunately has to carry Kururu all around the city.[7]

Pekopon suit

Keroro gives the Keroro Platoon an order to find the wanted criminal #303, Kururu dresses up as cop wearing a brown hat and matching trench coat.


Kururu dons this attire in order to attend a Halloween party in episode 133 of the anime.

Dragon Kururu
Kururu Dragon by AdmiralHowl

Kururu Dragon

During the fourth movie, Shion captured Kururu and turned him into a dragon. In this form, he is a yellow dragon with metallic blue wings. He loses the glasses in this form, revealing yellow green eyes. On his chest is a warped spiral symbol, and his headset has cords protruding from them, allowing him to utilize electrokinesis.


Kururu Dragon with green eyes from episode 356-A

But as of episode 356-A "Keroro platoon, real Dragon Warriors", his eyes were shown to be a yellow green though the whole episode again, with the back side of his wings being yellow with his body.

Relationships Edit

Aki Hinata

Kururu seems to have a crush on Aki, no doubt its due to her stature and body. He has been caught watching her more then 7 times such as when he first came to the show. The platoon also tries to use her to make him "love struck" to distract him from his one day as leader in episode 311a. He also created a scale giant robot of Aki (AK966) and said a lot of things referencing that he admires her. Despite his affections for Hinata, he is not above calling her an "idiot" or pointing out her faults when doing something reckless or foolish, as shown when she let her giant robot get out of control.

Mutsumi Saburo

Saburo is Kururu's Pekoponian partner on Earth. He is the only one in the whole show who likes Kururu as a friend. They seem to have a lot in common. They are both smart and knows exactly what to do in a crisis. When Kururu first came to earth, he gave Saburo one of two Reality Pens. Despite their closeness, Kururu prefers to live in his lab rather than with Saburo, but despite this, he was at least shown on one occasion to accompany Saburo on his radio show where he would watch Saburo speak.

Natsumi Hinata

Kururu has a healthy fear for Natsumi. He has been abused by her countless times in the past, and even states "Nacchi is scary!" However, he still continues to take pictures and video of her in the bath. He uses these to help out with the platoon's budget. Despite his occasional fear of Natsumi, he is not above helping Keroro in getting revenge on her and is usually the one to invent a device that will humiliate or defeat her.

Rinono and Shupepe

Rinono and Shupepe are Kururu's childhood friends. They often walked home together, and the fact that they are friends surprises many. 


Being Kururu's leader, Keroro recurrently uses Kururu for the majority of 'important' missions. - Seeing how he's the specialist in this field. Kururu has been prone to show he works best under orders and influences. It's common to see Keroro devising a plan with Kururu throughout the series. Together, they make a good team. However, when inventing something for Keroro, it is occasionally designed to backfire, go out of control or torment his fellow Platoon members simply for Kururu's own amusement.


Giroro despises Kururu due to opposing ideas (brain vs. brawn). Despite this, Kururu loves to use Giroro as a guinea pig for his experiments or simply torment him whenever possible. Later in the series, he starts to have a crush on Giroro in order to further mess with him which unnerves the red Corporal to no end. He also takes great delight in torturing Giroro whenever ordered to by Keroro during plans that involve taking down Natsumi, and he seems to enjoy seeing Giroro fail pathetically in his relationship with Natsumi.


Not distinguishing a direct friendship, Dororo and Kururu appear as close acquaintances and good partners. Besides Kururu mostly being instructed by Keroro to make a variety of different technology to help with Dororo's frequent, "Trauma Switches", not much can be mentioned. (ep. 238B and 351A). Kururu also enjoys taunting him and calling him "stubborn" or "annoying" each time he hits his depressing state, seeing how it shows both of their inner weaknesses. (ep. 349A) Like the rest of the Platoon, he regularly forgets about Dororo, but unlike the rest of the team, he barely ever acknowledges Dororo's existence.


Kururu views Tamama as an annoyance and "little brat". These two display very little screen-time together. Though Tamama envy's Kururu's strength in hacking, Kururu show's very little interest in Tamama's power. Like the rest of his victims, Kururu enjoys playing pranks on Tamama or using him as a guinea pig and once willingly went out of his way to make a mind controlling notebook that would eventually drive Tamama over the edge.

Angol Mois

Kururu and Angol Mois do not usually interact but when they do, it is quite clear that Kururu cannot stand her as she comes off as a shining and innocent soul which contrasts with his own dark and selfish personality, making him feel exposed. He also despises the fact that she is immune to his psychological mind tricks.

Etymology Edit

Kururu's name comes from the Japanese word 'kurukuru', meaning "round and round",  explaining why his resonance goes "round and round" since he says "kurukuru"
Kururu wo glasses

Kururu w/o glasses? or it could just be an animation effect. He was being dragged away very quickly and this is him right when he was pulled.


  • Kururu has a habit of eating watermelon very quickly and loudly (obviously to annoy everyone around him).[8]
  • Whenever he becomes dizzy the spirals on his glasses start to spin round and round (kuru kuru).
  • Whenever something happens in the base that Keroro doesn't know the source of, the blame is immediately put on Kururu due to his mischievous nature.
  • Kururu's actual eye color has not yet been seen or revealed.
  • Kururu has cried very few times. He once cried in episode 313-b after seeing his mother scold him, episode 236-b after Mois took off his glasses and squirting orange juice into his eyes, episode 345-b due to the effects of the Brei-Cola, and in episode 139-b when he was infected with the Lavie virus.
  • Kururu is a natural prankster and loves to see people in states of discomfort or distress. In episode 170-a he told Keroro of the seventh wonder of the Kishou Academy, but deliberately left out that something horrible would happen to anyone that knew of it.
  • His control console is a set of turntables and he has been known to DJ with them on occasion.
    Kururu screen cap with no eyes by snapesoulmate-d3k0xh3

    kururu with no eyes?!: animatior error alert!!!!!

  • In Volume 3: Chapter 22, page 16 one of his eyes are shown, sans glasses, but instead of an eye it resembles a kissyface emoticon, or a 3.
  • Kururu calls himself "Ore" or "Ore sama" in the anime, denoting that he places himself higher than the rest of the platoon. 'Ore' is an arrogant way to address oneself, and adding 'Sama' to the end of it makes it even more presumptuous.
  • He can play the recorder.
  • There have been a few occasions where his trademark "ku-ku-ku' laugh has been replaced with 'Shishishi'.
  • Kururu sometimes says "Thank you" in English.
  • Kururu is sometimes a pervert.
  • Despite the fact that most of his inventions are shown are to be defects, Kururu himself states that he creates his inventions to think above their original program. [9]
  • Karara once loved Kururu in episode 77 but in episode 94 Karara switched to Dororo
  • Kururu listens to songs by The Idol Master and he even has a CD.[10]
  • When Dasonu Maso tried to invade Pekopon, Natsumi, Koyuki, Mois and Momoka (MorePeachSummerSnow)] saved the city by dancing and singing. Unfortunately Kururu taped the whole thing which angered Natsumi.
  • In episode 159b, Shurara called Kururu as "the man who makes the impossible possible". This is an actor allusion to Mu La Flaga from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, whom shared the same voice actor with Kururu, Takehito Koyasu.

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