Kururu: Sergeant Major of Curry de arimasu
クルル  カレーの曹長さま 
Kururu: Karē no Sōchō-sama, de arimasu
Season +
Air date July 14, 2006
Screenplay Hiroshi Yamaguchi +
Storyboard Shinsaku Sasaki +
Direction Kazuyoshi Yokota +
Animation director Yumiko Ishii +
Teruhiko Yamazaki +
Animation supervisor Satoshi Koike +
Production assistance Do Yuho +
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Kururu: Sergeant Major of Curry de arimasufalse
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Kururu: Sergeant Major of Curry de arimasu (クルル  カレーの曹長さま  であります Kururu: Karē no Sōchō-sama, de arimasu) is the second part of the 118th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.



The story begins when Kururu is eating curry, which he loves it so much. Keroro made three pots of curry and gave some curry for Fuyuki and Natsumi to taste. It turns out that Keroro's

curry taste a little bad. Kururu help improving his curry by putting a spice. The spice is called "love". Giroro asked Kururu that things did he put in the curry but it turns out to be "love" and thats how Keroro Platoon knows.(Except Kururu



  • When Kururu told Giroro that the secret ingredient for the curry is "love", while Keroro and the others was in big shock, Giroro is added along with Keroro, Tamama and Mois when ther are shaking of fear, That would be impossible since he was in other place and still making a pot of curry, so he couldn't be in two places at once. The half part of Mois' apron is missing, only showing her whole bowtie. (Giroro's animation when he is popping out with Keroro, Tamama and Mois is removed on DVD releases and Mois' body was reanimated to fix her apron.)

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