First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 24
Voiced by Tomoko Kaneda (Japanese)
Leah Clark (Funimation)
Ana Guadalupe Hernández (Spain)
Joyce Chan (Hong Kong)
Aliases Rabbi
Age 13-14 (Estimation)
Gender Female
Species / Type Humanoid Alien
Occupation Pickled Ham Seller
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Lavie (ラビー Rabī) is a character in Keroro Gunso. She is the younger sister of 556.


Lavie is 556's sister who wears rabbit ears. Because 556 never gets any work, she supports him by working in various part-time jobs. She often apologizes for her brother's actions.

She is also the member of Team 556 and appeared as a card in Anokoro Keroro Gunso.

Height: 148 cm

Weight: 45 kg


  • In the English manga, her name is spelled Rabbie, which sounds very close to Lavie, her name in the anime.
  • She has been a short time TV star on Pekopon, in a show called Goddese of Venus, Justice Lavie or Justice Lavie, Gun Bringer Girl in the Funimation Dub, which is a reference to Gunslinger Girl. Fuyuki Hinata explains in the Funimation dub that the show is about Lavie, who plays a cyborg, child, assassin who always brings her gun with her everywhere she goes.
    • Kururu also made her first DVD.
  • Her blood type is AB.


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