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First appearance Movie 2
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Maron (マロン) is a planet introduced in the anime movie Keroro Gunso the Super Movie 2: The Deep Sea Princess de arimasu!. It consists mainly of water. It is a planet of the Gamma Planetary System, like Keron.


It looks like Keron but it has green stars and blue water, unlike Keron which has green water.


Main Article: MaronianEdit

Maronians (マロン人 Maronjin) used to be invaders a long time ago, but has stopped. Kururu stated that they learned about them in history class. Maronians take over planets by marrying a female native then flooding the planet until it is fully covered in water.

Currently, the only Maronians known are Maru and Meru, appearing on the second movie, and Miroro, introduced in the manga.


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