Mechaniwettle King
Mecha Wettle King
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 166
Voiced by Daiki Nakamura (Japanese)
Aliases Mechaniwet King
Gender None, robot
Species / Type Robot
Occupation Robot Fighter
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Mechaniwettle King (メカニウェットルキング Mekaniuettoru Kinggu) is a robotic version of the original Wettle King.


The members of the Keroro Platoon (save Giroro and Dororo) created Mechaniwettle King to enact their revenge on Natsumi Hinata for bossing them around. After they materialized a stage set, Natsumi and Fuyuki discovered themselves in a city model and a small plane transformed into Wettle King, destroying several building props. Natsumi and Fuyuki were shocked to discover "Wettle King"'s change, believing that he had become evil once again until a small spark burned his leg, with Keroro revealing his true form: Mechaniwettle King. Keroro took control of the robot and fought Natsumi. Still thinking of him as a product of slugs, she wasn't able to fight back until the robot launched his rocket fists, allowing Natsumi to finally realize that he wasn't a slug and she easily threw him away from the house with Keroro still inside.


Mechaniwettle King resembles Wettle King with silver color schemes and copper bands on his thighs and arms.


As demonstrated earlier, Mechaniwettle King can transform himself into an aeroplane prop, later revert to his robot mode via Keroro's command "Wettle Fight!". Keroro commands him as a motion pilot, moving based on Keroro's movements. He wields multiple missile launchers in his mouth and fingers. He can also launch his fists, but the strength used is weaker much like Wettle King in his first appearance.


Mechaniwettle King is a parody of Mechagodzilla, being a robotic counterpart to the original ones. His ability to turn from jet to robot via voice command Wettle Fight is based on Jumborg Ace. Meanwhile, his copper bands were taken from Ace Robot, a training robot based on Ultraman Ace which Yapool used to test his Ace Killer robot in Ultraman Ace.

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