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First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 20
Movie 2
Voiced by Hoko Kuwashima
Age Mostly likely 8 or younger[cite this]
Gender Male
Species / Type Maronian
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Meru (メール Mēru), a character and the main antagonist from the anime movie Keroro Gunso the Super Movie 2: The Deep Sea Princess de arimasu!, and the only known Maronian along with Maru from Maron. He is voiced by Hoko Kuwashima.


He is destined to marry Natsumi Hinata, whom he claims to be his princess. Growing up with no memories of his childhood, family, home, nor race, he and Maru as his servant develops a second childhood, filled with loneliness and his very traumatic past.


In the second movie, he, together with his counterpart Maru, defeated a Kiruru that tried to destroy a ship then he begins humming beautifully for saving the ship and he appears in the sky (as a shadow figure) along with Maru and they flew down, heading back to the sea. He appeared as a "sea fairy" in a ball of light.

He watched Natsumi through the "UMA", which Momoka brought to Fuyuki. Later, sea creatures brought Natsumi to Meru. He appears to have a stingray-like invention as he tells Natsumi not to worry, so she rides with him peacefully. He appears to be a bit childish as in Natsumi's dream world, he played a lot. He, and Maru played together in the shopping mall but then suddenly Maru is wasn't there in the dark room as Meru began to search for her but Maru is just in the other side from the dark area. Maru is worried that her prince is missing as Natsumi searches as well. Meru is wailing quietly all alone in the elevator as Natsumi found him and teases him that he doesn't know how to open the door. Meru flew quickly to Natsumi and hugging her while crying which reminding Natsumi who is also lost in the past, leaving Maru shocked seeing her prince crying like an innocent child and blaming her that it was her fault, but its not true, however.

After traveling with Natsumi in the deep sea, he sang to Natsumi with a lullaby-like melody, prove that Meru had his parents before, but its still unknown, it is also revealed that nobody cares about him, then used the Mare Ball, transforming into a more human shape and hypnotizing her.

When Maru opened the door to him and Natsumi, he had grown immense, with Natsumi held hostage to his body. He used the Mare Ball and threatened to attack Keroro and Fuyuki, when Mois saved them by attacking the attack. Keroro asked Fuyuki to throw him into the cystal before it closes, which was successful. But, it disturbed Meru's process, and he turned even larger, controlled by the Mare Ball. Keroro was seen on his shoulder.

When Momoka, in Keroro robot, was going to attack, he attacked back, which was protected by Mois again. But, the beams went into all directions, flooding the entire place since he broke the barriers. When Maru asked him to release Natsumi, he refused, and destroyed the shopping mall, which shook Natsumi to a bit of her senses.

Meru screams and yells in pain as he can't stop growing larger and shapeless like a purple blob, after Maru come to rescue her prince, Meru is soon became a portal and Maru was sucked in that leads to the empty dimension filled with darkness. Natsumi and Keroro came to rescue the two before it exploded according to Kururu while Mois and Fuyuki will hold the rope to prevent Natsumi and Keroro getting sucked in too. Natsumi finally found the two, as they were still floating in the dimension, unconscious. Meru awakes and sees Natsumi as the Mare Ball glows and pulls them out of the hole. Meru wants Natsumi to let him go to commit suicide but she refuses while Maru sheds tears saying Natsumi's name.

After the rescue, Natsumi wishes to go back to Aki as she promised before then suddenly she is inside her house, which is floating out of the ocean. Natsumi is happy to arrive back in the surface and meets her friends and thanking them. Meru and Maru gain consciousness and Meru is thanking Natsumi for everything. Natsumi says that she is no longer the "Princess", so she transfers her tiara and title to Maru, becoming the new princess. He and Maru blushed at each other and they fall in love as they go back to Maron. In the credits, the two royalties were amazed of seeing Maron as their original home, and ready for their marriage.

Other mediaEdit

In Volume 20, he has a Kiruru and use it as his servant and a superweapon. The transformed Meru resembles a Kiruru reference to the movie that he turn into a ferocious monster.


Meru is dark-blue colored. Unlike Keronians, He wears dark blue helmet with short ear-like crests and a bigger crest on his head. His symbol is a yellow Maron star on his forehead and on his belly. He has dorsal-like fins attached on his wrists and limbs and his eyes are triangular and its colored bright green and wearing a yellow collar on his neck.

In the manga, Meru's Kiruru form has an X mark replacing his Maron emblem on his belly while on his forehead remains the same like his original form. His arms and legs are more stone-like and his dorsal fins are more pointed, mutated, and carved. He still wears his helmet on this form with a Kiruru-like mouth and his eyes are similar to Kirurus with random writings and lines all over his body.


Meru is somewhat very strict, childish, and sometimes a bit sarcastic. He is always blaming her for interrupting his talk or describing him that aren't true at all, and thinking Maru that it was her fault for losing him (but Meru is the one who made Maru lose him) in the shopping mall during the chase for fun. Meru can be serious and intelligent at times, but also has a kind side, as seen towards Natsumi.


Despite his young age, he is suggested to be a skilled fighter just like Maru, though he does not express his skills with the Mare Ball fully until the climax of the movie. He then transformed into a human-like being and hypnotized Natsumi.  He became even larger after trapping Natsumi to him, and then became even bigger and more infuriated to the point of the Mare Ball going berserk.

He is also shown to be able to materialize thoughts and memories from Natsumi's mind through the Mare Ball, thus they become real. He created an entire city including a castle, and also changed Natsumi's clothing and his appearance (to that of Mutsumi/Saburo).


  • Maru - Maru is the Childhood friend of Meru. Meru always seemed to yell at Maru, for ruining things he wanted to explain, but even through that Maru was very loyal to Meru, supporting him in all his commands. When he yelled for help, Maru flew right in, and was sucked in. She managed to hold his hand, as he was slowly turned back to his original form surround in red aura with the Mare Ball in his hands. Later when Maru was announced the princess, Meru didn't complain.
  • Natsumi Hinata - "Princess", whose dream world as created by the Mare Ball. Meru seems to like Natsumi, and is overprotective of her. He tries to make Natsumi happy, but it usually fails, despite his greatest attempts.
  • Keroro - Meru thinks that Keroro is very annoying, boring and a waste of space and time.
  • Giroro - When Giroro is left behind after his Defeat by Maru. Meru says that Giroro is interesting, unlike the others. Meru usually messes with Giroro, such as spinning him around.
  • Fuyuki Hinata - In Volume: 20 of the Manga (which was a full scale reboot of the 2nd movie) close to the end of the story it is revealed that Meru had developed a "Hero Worship" to Fuyuki back when he was a little kid and constantly took on the physical appearance of little Fuyuki.



  • Meru's name is known as Merl in the English translation.
  • He and Keroro share similar traits, he use his Mare Ball to conquer underwater, just like Keroro use his Kero Ball to conquer Pekopon. The two weapons also look very similar.
  • His Kiruru form in the manga, its very possibly that he is one of the Kirurus.
  • He and Maru were mentioned in the 3rd movie by Natsumi saying that they destroyed a Kiruru.
  • Meru briefly shapeshifted into Mutsumi/Saburo in the movie, most likely a trick to lure Natsumi in further.

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