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Momo hime's ' ' ' momohime ' ' ' (桃姫) name translates literally as Peach Princess, she literally is a princess of Sengokuran planet. When the Keroro platoon first meets her, she has been promised to Musha Viper Takechiyo with the 3rd ledgendary weapon hidden among her wedding gifts. Although it is soon found out that she is really in love with Heikichi and is only marrying Musha Viper Takechiyo to protect her people from his threat of war if she did not marry him. Fortunately, the Keroro platoon interveined and helped her to escape and took her wedding gifts with them to search through later, however they also took the bomb that Heikichi had planted and was intended for Musha Viper.

Although Momohime at first seemed to only have the outer personality of Momoka, during the battle with Musha Viper Takechiyo she discovered her aggresive inner personality. This is ironic since it was later revealed that Earth Momoka's inner personality was first awakened by her encounter with Tamama. In the end she helps to defeat Musha Viper and is free to marry Heikichi

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