First appearance Keroro RPG
Voiced by Haruna Ikezawa (Japanese)
Age 12-15 (Estimation)
Gender Female
Species / Type Mermaid
Occupation Siren
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Momoel (モモエル Momoeru) is a supporting character in Keroro RPG: Kishi to Musha to Densetsu no Kaizoku. She's the gameworld counterpart of Momoka Nishizawa and a siren/mermaid.

Appearance Edit

Momoeal looks almost exactly like Momoka, excluding her teal mermaid tail. She wears a pink starfish barrette, a white bra held by a strap around her neck and a gold bracelet.

Abilities Edit

Momoeal is described as being a very good singer. Her singing can lead boats to crash, though she only does so to Illinx's ships. She can also turn into Brutal Momoka like her Pekopon counterpart, only when she is pushed extremely far.

Heal Lyric

A move which allows Momoeal to heal all the members in the party a little bit.

Story Edit

She first appears singing, attempting and succeeding in crashing Captain. Frog's ship.

After the Keroro Platoon and Captain. Frog escape the cave they were shipwrecked in, they find her singing. Tamama identifies her as being pretty and he immediately goes to greet her. After getting startled by the group, she tells them they must leave. However, a giant squid corners her and after getting saved, she thanks the Keroro Platoon and invites them to her underwater place, where she joins as a support character in battle.

Trivia Edit

  • The tune Momoeal sings is the 10th opening to the Keroro Gunso anime.

Gallery Edit

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